Evaporation of windows – causes

Evaporation of windows usually occurs in the autumn and winter period. Contrary to appearances, it does not necessarily mean that the woodwork is not functioning properly. We explain what can result from this phenomenon and how to reduce the frequency of its occurrence.

Evaporation of windows from the inside

Evaporation of the glass on the inside is usually associated with too high a level of air humidity in the room. This phenomenon occurs when it is clearly cooler outside than inside. When water vapor comes into contact with the surface of the glass at low temperature, it condenses. High humidity occurs mainly in the kitchen and bathroom. After bathing or cooking, you will notice drops appearing on the bottom of the glass. We usually observe foggy windows in mixing in the cooler months.

Mist on the inside of the glass.

Ways to steaming windows at home

Inadequate ventilation is among the most common causes of excessive fogging of windows. The supply of fresh air to the room has a positive effect not only on the comfort of being inside, but also on health. Excessive moisture may result in the appearance of fungi on the walls, the presence of which contributes to many diseases. Properly functioning ventilation grilles are elements that should be paid special attention. In addition, it is worth choosing assembly window diffusers . In order to avoid evaporation of windows in the apartment, it is necessary to ventilate the rooms regularly, also in the autumn and winter season. The best way to provide fresh air to the apartment in the cold months is to open the windows wide for 5-10 minutes (after turning off the radiators). It should be remembered that the occasional appearance of moisture on the glass from the inside – during cooking or after bathing – is a natural phenomenon.

Evaporation of windows from the outside

Condensation of water vapor on the outside of the glass insert occurs when the temperature of the glass is significantly lower than the temperature of the humid air outside the building. The most exposed to this phenomenon are inserts with very good thermal insulation, i.e. those with low heat transfer coefficient Ug . Evaporation from the outside can usually be observed in the spring and summer period, when the heating is turned off. Then the temperature of the glass protecting the interior against heat loss is clearly lower than the temperature around the building.

See also how insulating glass is built.

Foggy windows between the panes

The pairing of windows from the inside and outside does not result from malfunctioning of the woodwork. A disturbing signal, however, is the presence of water vapor between the glass panes in the glazing unit. The appearance of moisture in the spaces between the panes means that the applied sealing ceased to fulfill its function. Consequently – the noble gas escaping from the chambers resulted in the loss of thermal insulation properties by the insert. This means that it does not protect the interior from heat loss in the same way as it did before. In such a situation, it will be necessary to replace the package with a new one.

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