Handles for HST 77

Accessories for aluminium lift & slide doors.

Aluminium lift and slide door Patio HST 77.

Handles dedicated to aluminium lift and slide doors. They allow for closing, opening and locking the active sash of Patio HST 77. These constructions can be equipped with, for example, double-sided handles with cylinder lock. In the MS beyond WINDOWS offer, these elements come in various colour variants.

Patio HST 77 accessories

GU handles are installed in the aluminium lift and slide constructions, which are available in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer. They are available in the following colour versions:

  • white (RAL 9016),
  • brown (RAL 8022),
  • silver anode (EV1),
  • stainless steel,
  • black (RAL 9005),
  • old gold (F4),
  • titanium (F9).

Depending on your preference, you can choose a one-sided handle and a grip handle, a handle with a one-sided cylinder lock and a grip handle, as well as a double-sided handle with a cylinder lock. Examples of colour versions are shown in the following images:

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