How to remove mold from a window?

Even the prettiest windows and window decorations can be unsightly when mold appears on them. Gray, green or black accretion means that the most beautiful curtains will not save the unpleasant view that hides behind them. How to remove mold from a window? We suggest.

Table of contents:

Mold on windows – why does it appear?

The fungus in the window joinery (excluding the fact that it was installed incorrectly) is usually caused by improper ventilation of the room. High humidity in the room and large temperature differences at the window cause condensation. This, in turn, settles, for example, on frames, gaskets or in a layer of poorly made insulation, creating ideal conditions for mold.

Ways to get rid of mold

Sometimes home methods, used for years by our aunts and grandmothers, turn out to be the most effective, and at the same time the least invasive and safest not only for the joinery, but also for the household members. Preparations and chemicals can be highly corrosive and negatively affect, for example, the insulating properties of gaskets, not to mention the adverse impact on the respiratory system of residents. Therefore, some detergents, if used incorrectly, can even dull the window frame. That’s why it’s best to try home remedies first.

The first and most effective solution for getting rid of mold is a 2:1 solution of water and vinegar. Spray the surface you want to clean with this product, wait approx. 2 hours, then wash off thoroughly with warm water. There should be no trace of mold left.

Tea tree oil or table salt is also a good fungicide. A solution of water with these substances can also be very helpful in the fight against unsightly growth. It is worth washing the woodwork with them from time to time – as a preventive measure.

Correct assembly

Careful, properly performed installation of the window ensures optimal insulation and ventilation. Unfortunately, it often happens that windows are installed by incompetent people, which causes various defects during subsequent use. Tensions and stresses can be the result of poor installation, which leads to warping of the woodwork or the formation of thermal bridges, which can result in condensation on the window or in its vicinity. As we already know, this creates ideal conditions for fungi and mold.

It is important not only to remove the fungus itself, but also the reason for its formation. Here, a good habit often turns out to be the simplest and yet not at all obvious prevention – airing the rooms. Air in the room can reduce the humidity of the air, which blocks the growth of mold.

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