How to remove the sticker from the glass?

Stickers on the glass are mainly used for decorative purposes. They reign primarily in children’s rooms, and their particular popularity falls on the holiday season. However, trying to remove this type of ornaments does not always turn out to be problem-free. How to peel off the sticker from the glass by commonly available means?

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How to wash the sticker off the glass?

There are several ways to remove the sticker from the window glass. Their success depends, among others on the type of ornament used. The methods set out below may prove effective.

A damp sponge or cloth

The basic way to get rid of unwanted ornaments from the window glass is to use a wet sponge or cloth. Such a solution has a chance of success only in the case of paper stickers. It consists in soaking the sticker with a cloth moistened with water with the addition of dishwashing liquid and repeating the steps from time to time until the element softens and it becomes possible to scratch it. It is worth remembering not to use sharp accessories, the use of which could cause accidental damage to the glass surface.

removing the sticker from the glass

Nail polish remover

Washing the sticker off the glass can also make it easier to use the nail polish remover. It is enough to soak a cotton pad with it and moisten the surface of the sticker. Before performing the activities, it is worth protecting your hands with rubber gloves. Due to the acetone content, the cosmetic has a drying effect, which can irritate sensitive skin. As in the case of the previous method, it is worth moistening the sticker several times.

Clothes steamer

In order to remove the sticker that is difficult to remove from the window glass, it is worth using a clothes steamer. By heating the glue with the simultaneous action of steam, the procedure of getting rid of the unwanted ornament will be quick and efficient. It should be remembered that too high temperature and long heating of the glass in one place is not recommended. If glue remains on the glass after removing the sticker, you can use nail polish remover followed by glass cleaner.

Vinegar or lemon juice

Removing the sticker from the glass can also be facilitated by products available in every kitchen. As with many cleaning jobs, lemon juice or vinegar will work great this time. The liquid should be warmed up, bearing in mind that it should become lukewarm at best, not hot. The prepared substance is suitable for moistening the sticker. After ten minutes, removing the sticky part should no longer be a problem.

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Baking soda

The versatile use of home cleaning is not only vinegar and lemon juice, but also baking soda. It is also worth reaching for in the case of a persistent sticker on the window glass. To do this, mix baking soda with any oil found in the kitchen, such as rapeseed or sunflower oil. The mixture should be easy to apply, and at the same time dense enough not to run off the place where it will be applied. After rubbing on the sticker, wait a few minutes and then try to remove the unwanted ornament. If you can’t do it right away, it’s best to apply another layer of your homemade potion and make a second attempt after a few hours, or even overnight. A nail polish remover will be helpful in later degreasing the glass.

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