Power-assisted gear for HST 77

LiftUnit gear for aluminium lift & slide door.

The use of Patio HST 77 sashes requires a bit of effort due to the considerable weight of these structures. The improvement of the ease of use of aluminium lift and slide door is undoubtedly possible thanks to the use of a special hardware element, i.e. power-assisted gear. Due to the use of this component, less force is required to change the position of the handle.

Operation of the power-assisted gear

The gear for easy use of the lift and slide door sashes is equipped with a special mechanism. Its presence reduces the value of the handle torque when lifting the sash. Thanks to this, the use of the Patio HST 77 sash requires less force.

LiftUnit gear in MS beyond WINDOWS

The Patio HST 77 has a GU gear as standard in the lift and slide door. It can optionally be equipped with LiftUnit. The way the assist works is shown in the following image:

LiftUnit gear.

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