Is it worth having a window in the garage?

The construction of a single-family house requires the design of a garage. More and more often, a modern garage is not only a place where we park our car. We organize a space for DIY, develop our hobby or create a gym there. So we need access to natural light and air. What are the benefits of a garage window?

Advantages of installing a window in a garage

If we treat the garage only as a parking space for the car, installing a window is not necessary. However, the joinery significantly increases the aesthetics of the entire building, so even in this case, it is worth considering inserting it. Usually, at the design stage of the house, we designate a space for hobbies, e.g. physical activity. We often plan to allocate some space for such activities in the garage. Therefore, we need access to natural light. If we spend our free time in the garage training or doing some DIY with the car, we must also take care of the supply of fresh air. It is also worth ventilating the garage room frequently to get rid of exhaust gases or fuel vapors that are harmful to health. In this case, the installation of the window inside is reasonable. It seems that the best option for the garage will be a tilt, single-sash window. It is best to place it just below the roof structure, because the thief will have difficult access to the joinery if he tries to break in. We write about other important functionalities in the next paragraph.

Planning a window in the garage will allow for better lighting of the interior and ventilation. It will also increase the aesthetic value of the entire body of the building.

Garage window – what should you remember?

If our garage will be heated, it is worth considering the installation of windows with good parameters to avoid unnecessary heat losses. Therefore, when looking for the suitable joinery, pay attention to value of the heat transfer coefficient Uw. It is best if it is as low as possible. For example MSline+ windows with the Thermobar spacer bar achieve a Uw value of 0.71 W/m²K. In the garage we park the car and store various valuable equipment. Therefore, the window should be equipped with RC2 security package to minimize the risk of burglary. The package consists of, among others, security striker plates, safe steel reinforcements or an anti-drill plate that covers the spindle of the handle and prevents the burglar from opening the window. Another security feature can be a handle with a key or a window roller blind .

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