Leaky windows – how to get rid of the problem?

Leaky windows make staying in a house or apartment not only uncomfortable, but also expensive due to the price of energy needed to heat the rooms. The cause of the problem may be, among others lack of proper adjustment of fittings or mistakes made by the assembly team. What to do when cool air leaks through a closed window? How can this be prevented?

Symptoms of window leakage

Leaky windows can be especially hard during the fall and winter season. During this period, the air entering the room is cool, so we quickly notice that the woodwork does not perform its function properly. To check which places the unpleasant drafts are getting inside, just run your hand near the closed window. This will allow us to find out where the source of the problem is. Problems with leakage are also indicated by the appearance of a draft when all windows are closed. Sometimes, in strong winds, you can hear a characteristic whistle.

Leaky windows – causes

Among the most common reasons for window leakage is insufficient tightening of the sash to the frame. During the summer period, the PVC profiles expand, which results in greater pressure of the sash against the frame. In turn, their volume decreases during the colder months. Sometimes the leakage problem is related to improper assembly. Lack of professionalism and failure to apply the correct methods causes problems with the proper operation of the woodwork. You can make a mistake at the stage window purchase . Choosing the wrong size structure is associated with problems with its functioning. Another reason is the deterioration of the seals as a result of the use of the woodwork.

Also find out when to replace the window seals.

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Ways to deal with leaky windows

It is worth considering the tightness of windows at the stage of their search. Choosing a low-quality product may result in improper operation of the joinery. It has a negative impact on the comfort of people inside. It also contributes to the increase in energy expenditure for space heating. Moreover, the necessary measurements should be carried out by a specialist who will correctly determine the dimensions of the window. It is also worth choosing a professional team that uses correct, proven assembly techniques in their work. This will avoid leaks caused by a lack of knowledge. If the problem appears only after some time of using the joinery, it is best to use the help of a service technician. If it is necessary to change the pressure of the sash to the frame, he will make it hardware adjustment . If the problem is due to the deterioration of the seals, it will be necessary to replace them. The specialist will also assess whether there has been any mechanical damage to the woodwork. In this case, you may need to insert new windows . The service technician will also check if cold air does not enter the room at the interface between the frame and the wall. You may need to seal this area.

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