Manufacture of aluminium locksmith in MS

Jedna z najszybciej rozwijających się dziedzin w Grupie MS.

Aluminium windows.

A combination of lightness and strength

Our aluminium systems are products distinguished primarily by their low weight and high strength. Modern profile lines have a positive effect on the aesthetic value of windows. The constructions are also characterized by very good thermal parameters. In addition, they provide a large amount of light in the interior.

Energy-saving and passive systems

The basis of our production are energy-saving window and door systems External 70 and Premium 86. The Passive 104 passive system is also very popular. It is certified by the Institute of Passive Houses in Darmstadt.

Bulky products

Our leading product is the heavy lift and slide door Patio HST ExternAL. Their advantage is functionality, as well as interesting design. It is worth noting that we also make such constructions in unusual sizes. In our offer there are products with a height of three meters and a width of several meters.


We make sure that our structures are comfortable to use even when they are large in size. The use of patio HST ExternAL doors is very comfortable thanks to gu equipment. These elements make it not the slightest problem to open, move and close the active wing, which is up to 400 kg in weight. For customers who value convenience and modern solutions, weoffer the possibility to open and close doors using a smartphone or smart home system.

Energy-efficient entrance door

Safe and energy-efficient entrance doors are also available in our range. We offer aluminium door AL PRACTIC 68. The cost of buying them is close to the price of steel doors. We also have a proposal for very demanding customers – ExternAL PREMIUM system. Doors in this series can be equipped with aluminum and glass panels, selected from a palette of dozens of unique designs.

Remote Access Control

Modern doors are both unique design and remote access control. The ability to open with a fingerprint reader or smartphone undoubtedly increases the comfort of using the product. In turn, a wide range of handles, discreetly illuminated by LEDs, favorably affects the aesthetic qualities of the door.

Large selection of colors

The colour offer includes nearly 200 unique colours. Among them are the most popular colors, anthracite (RAL7016), black (RAL9005) and Alux DB (DB703). Profiles, depending on the customer’s preferences, can be matte or satin. In addition, 20 wood-like coatings are available in our range.

Specialized staff

Thanks to the strong engineering staff, we are able to develop special design solutions for our customers in a short time. In the industry we are seen as one of the most innovative manufacturers on the market.

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