No more compromises – choose two-color windows

Choosing window joinery is not the easiest thing. We often look for a compromise between how we want them to look outside and complement the style we have inside the house.

The answer to these dilemmas are windows with a different color on the outside than on the inside. This solution is extremely effective, versatile and fashionable!

No more compromises

Thanks to the use of different veneer colors on both sides of the window, we can match them to the facade and surroundings of the building, as well as to the interior style of our house. Thus, we can use a color resembling aluminum joinery on the outside, which will add austerity and elegance to the building’s shape. However, inside we can use wood-like veneer, which will make the interior warm and cozy.

The photos show the project with two-color windows with anthracite external veneer


In the past, windows with two sides were white. Over time, windows with wood-like veneer appeared, and then veneers imitating aluminum took the market by storm. However, the availability of such a wide range of colors and styles caused many dilemmas that we no longer have to accept. The outside and inside of the window can be made of any veneer selected from those available from the manufacturer.

the photos show the implementation with two-color windows with wood-like internal veneer

Two-color windows are a new type of possibilities offered by the current window and door joinery market. These and other color solutions can be implemented in MS more than WINDOWS . It is worth remembering that it is possible to obtain funding for the installation and replacement of windows and doors under government programs. More information will be provided by the sales advisor of the mentioned manufacturer.

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