Ornamental glass

A wide range of ornamental glass.

Niagara matt ornamental glass.

Ornamental glass – application

Ornamental glass is used, among others, where we care about intimacy. Thanks to it, you can also achieve a unique visual effect. Due to this fact, glazed units with ornamental glass are often also referred to as decorative panes.

Ornamental glass for windows and doors

The ornamental glass is designed to transmit sunlight into the room and at the same time provide the desired privacy. These type of glass is perfect for bathroom windows. It can also be used in the exterior doors.

Ornamental glass in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer

Glazed units are made with the use of various types of ornamental glass. Among the available solutions there are e.g. Chinchil, Niagara and Atlantic. The matte effect is guaranteed by a matte sandblasted glass.

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