Power-assisted coier

An element that facilitates the use of lift and slide doors.

Mounted, assisted via a power stop.

Patio HST wing support requires a bit of effort resulting from the high weight of these products. Increased comfort of use of lift and sliding doors allows the use of a suitable piece of equipment, which is a power-assisted via-the-reassuch. The presence of this component makes it necessary to change the position of the handle use less force.

How does the power-assisted via-end drive work?

The gear for easy use of the lift and slide door sashes is equipped with a special mechanism. Its presence reduces the torque of the handle when lifting the sash. This allows you to use less force to operate the Patio HST wing.

The power-assisted espagnolette.

Comfort coily in MS more than WINDOWS

The HST 82 Patio series lift and sliding doors, as well as the Patio HST 76 series, have siegeniacomfort lock as standard. It’s a espagnolette with locking bolts. For added safety, it can be equipped with a eardrum.

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