Pressure compensation system

A device enabling pressure reduction in the inter-pane chambers.

Altimeter pressure compensation system.

The value of atmospheric pressure is reduced as the altitude rises above sea level. Keep this dependency in mind during window production. Structures that will be installed in a place where there is significantly lower pressure compared to factory conditions require special preparation. In MS more than WINDOWS, a pressure compensation system is used to achieve adequate durability of the glazing inserts.

Altitude and pressure

One of the aspects affecting atmospheric pressure is altitude. In the case of relatively small values, it is assumed that an increase in altitude of one metre means a pressure drop of around 10 000 metres. 11.3 Pa. Keep this in mind during the window production process. If the pressure in the interseaed chamber is significantly higher than the atmospheric pressure at the window installation site, the glass may deform.

Pressure compensation system – what is it used for?

In the case of windows that will be installed at a higher altitude compared to the place of production, care must be taken to ensure that the gas filling the intersted spaces is adequately pressured. In MS more than WINDOWS, this is done using the Altimeterdevice, which is a pressure compensation system. This instrument produces vacuum. This allows the shaft insert chambers to obtain a pressure value corresponding to the conditions at the site of installation of the structure. As a result, the glass will not deform due to the difference between atmospheric pressure and gas pressure in intersea chambers. In addition, excessive sealing is prevented in this way, which could lead to a deterioration in the insulating properties of the glass.

Altimeter pressure compensation system.

Additional increase in glass strength

In MS more than WINDOWS, proper durability of shaft inserts is ensured not only by the pressure compensation system, but also by the grinding of the shafts. This is done by removing the sharp edges that are created by cutting the glass pane. Thanks to it, the strength of the windows increases – they become more resistant to cracking under various types of loads. In addition, grinding has a positive effect on safety during the production and installation of windows.

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