Purchase of windows with assembly – is it worth it?

When ordering woodwork, we have to make a decision regarding its insertion. We have two options to choose from – buying a window with assembly or organizing a professional team on your own. It is worth realizing that the purchase of windows with assembly not only significantly reduces the cost of the structure, but also often allows you to significantly extend the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Purchase of windows with assembly – what VAT?

One of the advantages of choosing a comprehensive service is the lower VAT rate. In the case of purchasing windows without assembly, you must take into account higher costs of joinery. In this case, VAT at the rate of 23% applies. However, if we order the window together with the installation service, the window distribution company may apply a much lower rate, amounting to 8%. Savings will be significant especially when we are interested in using many elements of optional equipment.

Agreement for the purchase of windows with assembly and warranty

Correct assembly of the structure significantly affects the period of its proper functioning. Due to this fact, customers of MS more than WINDOW, who order the joinery together with the assembly service from an authorized trade partner, are entitled to a longer warranty for MS windows (up to 7 years). The standard warranty period is 5 years.

Comprehensive service – less paperwork

The undoubted advantage of buying windows with assembly is the lower number of formalities. In the case of such a solution, it is enough to enter into a contract with only one company. When deciding to arrange joinery on your own, you have to take into account the necessity to spend more time, e.g. to find the right team and sign an additional contract. Scheduling with one company simplifies the process of inserting or replacing windows . If we choose the option to organize the assembly ourselves, there are more things to do.

Experience in installing windows of a given manufacturer

The company dealing in the sale of joinery perfectly knows the recommendations for proper installation specified by the window manufacturer. Experience and knowledge of specific components allow for the efficient and correct implementation of the window insertion service. It is worth remembering that mistakes made by an external team may not only result in improper functioning of the structure, but also shorten its service life.

Fewer problems in the event of faults

Sometimes the woodwork requires service work, including on the removal of minor faults. Using the service of one company allows you to avoid a situation in which it is difficult to determine whether the defect occurred at the production stage or results from improper assembly performed by an external service provider.

Measurement made by a professional

If we choose the option of purchasing windows and installing them, we can be sure that the necessary measurements will be made professional . Thanks to this, the joinery will be properly selected for a specific opening and during its insertion it will not turn out that the structure is too small or too large.

Check how to measure the window correctly.

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