Removal of mounting foam

The house or apartment has just finished renovation, during which we replaced the windows. Now it’s time to start cleaning. Unfortunately, it often happens that the remnants of polyurethane foam remained to be cleaned from the profiles. Today, on our blog, we suggest what to wash off the mounting foam and enjoy impeccable cleanliness.

Table of contents:

What can NOT be done!

However, before we move on to the advice on the proper disposal of the remains of the mounting foam, or polyurethane, a few words must be devoted to what you must NOT do under any circumstances.

The most important thing is not to try to remove the foam mechanically, i.e. with a knife, spatula or other sharp device. This way, it is very easy to damage the window surface or the veneer, and we have just renovated it! Such damage cannot be repaired, and painted surfaces no longer look as aesthetic as undamaged ones. In addition, removing the foam mechanically will not help to clean it completely – and you will need specialist agents for that.

You should also be careful with strong, caustic chemicals, the use of which may cause a reaction with the surface and cause its damage. And this will leave an unsightly appearance behind.

How, then, to remove the mounting foam correctly?

How to remove the mounting foam?

Polyurethane foams are best removed with the use of special, dedicated agents and preparations. You can get them in any store or DIY store.

Depending on the level of dirt, the amount and the degree of hardness of the foam, these can be special cloths, aerosol cleaners or stronger solvents in the form of a paste.

It is best to remove the foam as soon as possible, as soon as it is dirty. When the foam has not yet hardened, then the first two solutions will work. It is enough to wipe the surface with the foam with the cloth and remove its excess. In the case of an aerosol, spray the foam surface, wait a while and wipe it with a dry and soft cloth or paper. Both methods are also suitable for removing the remaining foam from tools.

How to remove the hardened mounting foam?

The problem is to be approached differently in the case of foam that has already cured. At this point, its removal is more of a hassle, but still possible. To do this, use a third formulation, namely a paste solvent. Before starting its application, it may be necessary to tear off or cut out excess foam with a knife. However, you should be extremely careful not to get caught and damage the surface.

Once the excess foam has been removed, cover the remaining dirt with plenty of solvent and wait for the foam to soften. The harder the foam was, the longer you had to wait for the effect. Then remove the dirt with a wooden or plastic spatula, wipe it with a cloth and rinse the cleaned surface. If it is not possible to remove all the foam, repeat the process until it is successful.

How to clean foam from hands and clothes?

If, on the other hand, we have applied foam ourselves and we get dirty, we may need to remove it from our hands or clothes. It is not difficult. You just need to remember a few basic rules. The procedure depends on whether the hands or the material are dirty.

How to wash the mounting foam from your hands?

If your hands are covered with the remains of the foam, just dissolve the soap in warm water and then soak your hands in this solution for a long time. When the dirt does not come off by itself, a sponge or a washcloth will help. If the foam has time to dry, you can use a little acetone or gasoline. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards!

How to remove the mounting foam from clothes?

The question of clothes is a bit more problematic. However, it is worth trying to do as with sticky chewing gum. Soiled clothes can be frozen and the foam can be scraped off. Remaining traces can be removed with a gasoline-soaked cotton swab.

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