Shapes of wooden windows

In order to emphasize the individual style of the house, architects compete in ideas, designing more and more unusual shapes of wooden windows. Some of them refer to the historic, traditional buildings. Others, in turn, delight with their futuristic form. MS Windows and Doors implement even the most non-standard proposals of designers.

Unusual window shapes – production process

The unique shapes of wooden windows can be achieved thanks to the proper course of the production process. This can be done in a few steps. After receiving the order, specialists from MS Windows and Doors draw up an individual project. Customer expectations are adapted to technical documentation. The next step is to propose interesting solutions, as well as to discuss the details. Subsequently, a technical drawing is created, which, depending on the needs, can be submitted for approval to the architect, designer or conservator of monuments.

The first stage of the order for unusual shapes of wooden windows and doors - customer's sketch.
1.Preparation of the sketch by the client.
Orders for unusual shapes of wooden structures require a project to be developed by a specialist.
2. Execution of the project by a specialist from MS Windows and Doors
Execution of the order for a wooden structure with a unique shape.
3. Execution of the order.

Po akceptacji następuje realizacja zamówienia. Możliwość wykonania nietypowego produktu to zasługa wieloletniego doświadczenia, stosowania nowoczesnych technologii, jak również rozbudowanego parku maszynowego. Co ważne, stolarkę można skonstruować z kilku rodzajów drewna, w różnych kolorach. Kolejne etapy realizacji propozycji klienta przedstawiono powyżej.

Round and arched windows

Wooden arched windows are often used as an element of historic palaces and mansions arranged in a classic style. Round structures are used in rooms where there is not enough space for inserting traditional windows. They are used e.g. in staircases, attics, as well as in bathrooms. They can complement traditional buildings (e.g. manor houses), as well as modern architecture. In MS Windows and Doors there is also the possibility of creating oval windows, in the shape of an ellipse or with incomplete arches. Such structures, depending on the customer’s needs, can be made as fixed glazing or opened.

A wooden arched window as an example of a wooden structure of an unusual shape.

Wooden trapezoidal and triangular windows

Standard shapes of wooden windows do not always correspond to customers’ preferences. In this case, the expectations may be met e.g. by joinery in the shape of a trapezoid or triangle. Oblique structures are great at the top of the building. They visually match the gable roof and additionally provide adequate attic lighting. This type of joinery is also used in buildings with a “modern barn” structure.

The unique shapes of wooden windows are e.g. trapezoidal structures.

Unique shapes of wooden windows

The proposals of architects sometimes make it necessary to construct windows with unique shapes. Technological capabilities, as well as the experience of MS Windows and Doors staff, allow to create joinery with an unusual appearance. Using a template specifications shown by the client allows to match unusual constructions to existing buildings.

Wooden windows with a unique shape in a traditional building.

Bent wooden windows

An interesting and at the same time difficult to implement solution are bent windows. They are also referred to as convex windows. This type of joinery can be designed and then made on individual request.

Convex wooden window.
Bent wooden window.

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