Smart Home

Smart home.

In modern homes, there is no shortage of smart devices that adapt to the lifestyle of their users. The convenient control option also applies to blinds and blinds available in MS more than WINDOWS. Thanks to numerous accessories, you can adjust the functioning of drives and other automation components to suit your needs and thus create a smart home.

Smart home with MS more than WINDOWS

Managing blinds or blinds from anywhere in the world using mobile devices is undoubtedly a very comfortable solution. Ms’s products can be controlled more than WINDOWS using a smartphone, tablet and laptop. An extensive range of accessories and dedicated control panel allows for harmonious integration and adaptation of the functioning of the covers to the expectations of the household.

Controls tailored to users’ needs

Smart solutions allow you to manage both individual devices and their groups. Control is carried out according to the assigned types (blinds, façade blindsgates, etc.), rooms or floors. Users have the ability to program scenarios and scenes, as well as raise specific events – even when they’re not at home. Time and weather automation systems ensure safety and comfort during a hot day or storm without interference from the household. The control of external guards in a smart home is therefore fully adapted to the needs of their users.

Ability to issue voice commands

MS blinds and blinds can be integrated with the following systems: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. This allows home automation to be controlled by voice commands. This increases the comfort resulting from the use of external guards.

Smart Home – quick installation process

Smart home management is done by radio. Therefore, it does not require complicated wiring. The installation process is simple and feasible with most older generation electric drives.

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