Veneered window.

PVC windows, due to their numerous advantages, are very popular. Among the undoubted advantages of this type of products is the resistance of profiles to weather conditions. It also applies to colour profiles. In this case, the durability is ensured by decorative foils, which not only look good but also have a protective function.

Proper functioning of PVC windows

Modern windows, despite many years of use, hardly show any signs of aging. The long service life applies to both the profile material and the gaskets. Importantly, it can be seen not only with white windows. Modern decorative foils, which are mainly used to provide windows with the chosen colour, maintain their proper appearance for a very long time.

Decorative foils applied for decorative and protective purposes.
The veneering process at MS beyond WINDOWS.

How do weather conditions affect windows?

The window should function properly regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. If this element is exposed to sunlight, a temperature difference develops between the outside and inside of the structure. In the case of coloured profiles it can be as high as several dozen degrees Celsius – dark elements absorb radiation, which makes them warm up much more than white profiles. As temperature increases, materials increase in length or volume (thermal expansion phenomenon). As the outer part of the profile is heated by the sun, it undergoes greater elongation than the section located on the room side. This results in unfavourable thermal stresses. These can be reduced with suitable decorative foils. This is particularly important in structures with very good thermal insulation in which the external part of the profile cannot transfer part of the heat to a part located closer to the interior. It is in such windows that the greatest temperature difference between the inside and outside can be observed.

What function do decorative foils have?

Decorative foils are used, among other things, to achieve a profile colour matching the customer’s expectations. These elements also serve to protect the structure from solar radiation. High-quality products not only retain their colour over many years, but also protect the profile from overheating. This prevents unwanted stresses in the structure.

Decorative foils in MS beyond WINDOWS

In MS beyond WINDOWS high quality decorative foils are used, thanks to which the construction not only looks good, but also does not get heated by the rays of the sun. Among the products used are Renolit brand foils with SST thermal protection technology. As they reflect infrared radiation, they reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the profile. In addition, MS beyond WINDOWS products are equipped with Continental foils (Hornschuch brand). This company uses, among other things, the cool colors and cool colors PLUS technologies. Thanks to these solutions, the profiles are protected against excessive heating due to solar radiation. Cool colors PLUS is a further development of the cool colors technology and is distinguished by its three-layer structure. Examples of exterior foils available in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer are as follows:

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