Window seals – when should they be replaced?

Window seals have an impact on many parameters of the joinery – they depend on, among others, air permeability and water tightness. After a long time of use of the structure, their condition may deteriorate slightly. When is it worth replacing window seals and how to take care of them to extend their durability?

Window seals – what influences their condition?

Window seals are designed to ensure high comfort of use of the structure. Thanks to them, the woodwork protects the interior against heat loss and is properly sealed. The deterioration of the condition of these elements is influenced, among others, by frequency of use of the window. The more we open and close them, the more we use the sealing components. Maintenance is also an extremely important aspect. The lack of proper care results in deterioration of the seals. For this reason, their properties are no longer the same as at the beginning of use and problems with the tightness of the joinery may arise.

Window seals – maintenance

To make sure that the seals for plastic or aluminum windows will remain functional for a long time, you should remember about their proper care. Maintenance of window seals should be performed twice a year. The best time to do this is fall and spring. First, we should thoroughly clean the elements using a mild detergent. Then, use the agent for gaskets – it is worth choosing it based on the guidelines of the manufacturer of the structure. By the way, we should pay attention to the functioning of the woodwork, which may require adjustment of the fittings . Thanks to maintenance, the seals will be resilient for many years. Lack of proper care of gaskets in combination with frequent use of joinery leads to deterioration of the condition of these elements. They become hard and begin to press against, which causes them to fall apart. The consequence of this is, among others lack of adequate tightness of the woodwork. Sealing care is an obligatory element of preparing windows for winter .

Replacing the seals on the windows

When it comes to when to replace window seals, two things should catch our attention. When the elements are pressing, they are damaged when touched, it is a sign that they are not in good condition. The state of seals should also be looked at when the windows are leaky . You may find that replacing the components fixes the problem.

Check when it is worth replacing windows.

Replacing the seals on the windows.

How to replace the seals on the window?

The knowledge on how to replace the window seal is possessed by specialists who service the woodwork, so it is worth entrusting them with this task. Remember that gaskets should be adjusted not only on the basis of the material, i.e. do not use the seal for wooden windows in plastic and aluminum constructions. The window system is also of great importance. PVC window seals have a different structure depending on the profile manufacturer. In addition, gaskets with various properties are used in the woodwork. For example, in PVC windows from MS more than WINDOWS, there are TPE gaskets, i.e. made of plastic elastomer. The material is heat-sealable and remains flexible even at low temperatures. Due to the variety of solutions, please contact the window distributor to find out what gaskets are in our structures.

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