What does hot weather have to do with windows? 5 tips to avoid overheating the interior of your home

With the arrival of summer, we increasingly face the challenge of how to effectively cool our apartments and houses on hot days. Windows play a key role in this process, influencing both air flow and the amount of sunlight that can heat the interior.
  1. Curtains and blinds
  2. Heat reflecting filters
  3. Ventilation at appropriate times
  4. Plants in the windows

Curtains and blinds

Invest in curtains and blinds with light colors and a dense weave. By placing them in windows exposed to the sun, you can reduce the amount of UV radiation penetrating the interior. External blinds are also ideal as they block the heat before it reaches the windows.

Heat reflecting filters

Consider replacing your windows with ones that have solar-reflecting coatings. Special coatings reduce the amount of solar energy penetrating through the glass, which effectively lowers the temperature inside the rooms.

Ventilation at appropriate times

On hot days, avoid opening windows during the day when the sun is strongest. Instead, ventilate rooms in the morning and evening when the outside temperature is lower. This will allow warm air to escape and cooler air to enter.

Plants in the windows

Potted plants placed in windows can help naturally cool rooms. Their leaves absorb heat and, through the process of transpiration, release moisture into the air, which has a cooling effect.

Make sure your windows are well insulated. Gaps and leaks can cause heat to enter your home uncontrollably. Regularly checking and maintaining your seals will help keep the interior cool.

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