Wind resistance

Parameter enabling selection of appropriate facade blinds.

Wind load resistance.

Among the most important aspects to consider when looking for suitable façade blinds is their wind resistance. You can find out if the outer cover is working under certain conditions. The requirements depend on from the wind zone in which the building is located.

What does wind resistance say?

Wind resistance of façade blinds is a parameter that indicates at what load the outer guard will function properly. A wind load resistance class is used to describe the ability of blinds to withstand wind loads.

Wind zones in Poland.
Wind zones in Poland.

Terrain and wind resistance

One of the factors influencing the class of resistance of the mounted blinds is the wind zone in which the building is located. In Poland, there are three zones that differ in wind speed:

Wind zoneWind speed v
I.22 m/s
Ii26 m/s
Iiidepending on the altitude of the .m.

In addition, the required wind resistance is influenced by the terrain category. Each area can be assigned to one of four categories:

  • I – open sea, flat terrain without obstacles;
  • II – area with single small farms, trees and hedges;
  • III – suburbs, forest, industrial area;
  • IV – an urban area where at least 15% of the area is built-up and has an average height of more than 15 m.

How to choose the right blinds?

The wind zone and terrain category are not the only criteria to be taken into account when choosing façade blinds. The height of the installation of the guard on the building is also an important issue. Use the following table to determine the correct wind load resistance class. It concerns areas situated at an altitude not exceeding 300 m e..m and the installation of blinds at a height not exceeding 100 M..

with aBuilding with a height of
Tall building
up to 6 m
Building height
7-18 m Building
height of
19-28 m

29-50 m Building
a height
of 51-100 m
Terrain categoryRequirements when choosing guardsZone No.Zone No.Zone No.Zone No.Zone No.
I.Wind load resistance class344345445445455

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