Window diffusers

Devices to guarantee proper ventilation.

Window diffusers available in MS more than WINDOWS provide proper ventilation of the premises.

Window diffusers allow fresh air to flow from the outside into the room. These devices ensure proper ventilation, affecting the comfort and health of those inside. MS’s offer more than WINDOWS includes numerous air ventilators, which differ in control and sound insulation.

Window diffusers – functions

The constant development of technology, modernization of production processes and the selection of high-quality components make the windows very tight. This has a huge impact on reducing heat loss. In some cases, when proper air circulation is not ensured, it can lead to excessive humidity in the rooms. Water vapor condenses in the coldest parts of the apartment, causing walls and windows to become damp. To ensure proper air quality is maintained, it is worth choosing ventilators in the windows. They enable simple and effective removal of the excessive amount of water vapor generated as a result of everyday activities, such as e.g. washing or cooking. They prevent the appearance of fungus / mold.

Air diffusers for windows are hygroscopic

Hygro-controlled diffusers do not require user service. The control is automatic – it is determined by the humidity level in the interiors. This parameter is analyzed by a sensor located in the device. When the humidity level is low, the diffuser releases a small stream of air into the room. As the humidity level increases, the ventilator opens more and more. The maximum power is achieved when the absolute air humidity is 70%.

Pressure air diffusers for windows

In pressure diffusers, the control is based on the difference between the pressure inside and outside the building. The bigger it is, the better the diffuser work efficiency. They then provide fresh air and remove used air regardless of the level of humidity in the room. When the air inlet capacity reaches its maximum value, with further pressure increase, the flaps deflect, thus limiting the stream of supplied air. This type of ventilators have a blockade which, at a certain capacity, does not allow for an increase in the flow.

Acoustic diffusers for windows

Acoustic diffusers are characterized by better acoustic insulation compared to standard air diffusers. These are hygro-controlled or pressure devices, equipped with a connector and an acoustic hood. Thanks to the use of sound-absorbing foam, they reduce external noise much more effectively than standard hoods.

Window diffusers in MS more than WINDOWS

Structures from the MS more than WINDOWS range can be equipped with the following window diffusers:

AEROMAT flex air inlet NEW!

Modern diffuser, which can be used in both windows and lift and sliding doors. Its biggest advantage is easy installation, which does not require milling holes in structural elements. As a result, the air conditioner does not contribute to the deterioration of the acoustic insulation of the joinery. Moreover, the device guarantees fresh air supply even in the case of closed external covers(blinds or façade blinds). AEROMAT flex comes in three variants:

  • equipped with a rotating switch,
  • with hygrostering,
  • with 3-function switch and hygrostering.

Hygrostering options regulate the air supply from the outside depending on the level of relative humidity in the interior. All the above-mentioned non-milled window diffusers are available in white. They can be painted from the outside and thus better matched to the appearance of the joinery.

The AEROMAT flex window diffuser is installed without prior milling the slots.

How the AEROMAT flex diffuser works is shown in the animation:

The simple process of mounting the air vent explains the video below.

Single microfan

A microfan that can be used in AD windows, i.e. without a middle seal. It is mounted inside the frame. This is the simplest solution for constant air circulation.

ClimAktiv Plus air inlet

The ClimAktiv Plus window air inlet guarantees adequate ventilation of the interior. It also allows fresh air to be flowed in closed spaces. Thanks to its presence, there is no appearance of a high level of humidity. It therefore reduces the risk of mold. The offer also includes climAktiv Plus in the version with a adjustment roller (white or silver).

ClimAktiv Plus window inlet.

Aereco humidity controlled air inlet 32 dB

Aereco air inlet with an acoustic attenuation coefficient of 32 dB. Automatic controlled device – the change in airflow is due to a change in relative humidity in the interior. It comes in several color variants: white, chestnut, oak, gray, as well as anthracite.

The Aereco hygroscopic air inlet.

Aereco humidity sensitive air inlet

Diffuser with acoustic damping. The available models differ in sound insulation levels (35, 38, 40 and 42 dB). The offer includes the following color versions: white, anthracite, gray, chestnut and oak. The air vent works automatically. You can lock it in the minimum position as well as the maximum flow.

A hygroscopic air inlet with acoustic damping.

Aereco pressure air inlet

Aereco pressure air inlet that works automatically. The user can close the aerating and thus reduce the amount of air flowing to a minimum. The product comes in two versions with different acoustic damping coefficients (32 or 33 dB). Ms offers more than WINDOWS, the following color variants are available: white, chestnut, oak and anthracite.

Aereco pressure air inlet with sound insulation of 32 dB.
Aereco pressure air inlet with 33 dB sound insulation.

Ventair pressure diffuser

The pressure ventair with acoustic insulation at the level of 34 dB. Its automatic control guarantees an aerodynamic aluminium lobe. It rises or lowers as a result of the flowing air. In this way, it modifies the size of the stream.

A ventilator for the Ventair window, the acoustic insulation of which is 34 dB.

BREVIS Urbino anti-smog air inlet

A ventilator with an acoustic damping coefficient of 39 dB. The device filters the flowing air – stops allergens, dusts and mites. Not only does it provide the right amount of fresh air, but it also guarantees silence and no harmful substances in the room. It comes in the following color options: white, anthracite, honey and chestnut bronze. Anti-smog diffusers are equipped with a filter, the replacement of which is extremely easy.

Brevis Urbino window inlet in white.
Brevis Urbino window vent in anthracite color.
Brevis Urbino air inlet in honey brown color.
Brevis Urbino window inlet in chestnut color.

Renson THM90 air inlet

Flap diffuser, which attaches to the shaft package. The device can be mounted both under and above the cartridge. It is made of aluminium and comes in an unpainted version or in the selected ral colour. The air vent fits 28 mm wide glass.

Renson window vent.

Diffusers for wooden windows

Window diffusers should be used not only in PVC joinery, but also in wooden structures. The range of MS Windows and Doors includes Aereco and Ventair ventilators. It is possible to use products from other companies (including those described above), in accordance with the requirements of future users of the joinery. The table below presents the parameters of Aereco diffusers, which are the most popular among customers.

ModelFlow [m 3 / h]Closed ventilator acoustics [dB(A)]
EXR.3047-30Rw (C; Ctr) = 35 (0; 1)
EXR.3097-28Rw (C; Ctr) = 44 (-1, -2)
EXR.302.HP7-28Rw (C; Ctr) = 36 (0; 1)
EXR.303.HP7-28Rw (C; Ctr) = 39 (0; 0)
EMM.7076-30Rw (C; Ctr) = 34 (0; 0)
EMM.7066-30Rw (C; Ctr) = 40 (0; 0)
AMO.1036-27Rw (C; Ctr) = 33 (0; 0)
2MO.1024-20Rw (C; Ctr) = 35 (-1, -1)
AMI.2045-24Rw (C; Ctr) = 41 (-1, -2)
AMD.3077-29Rw (C; Ctr) = 44 (-1, -2)
AMA.4044-19Rw (C; Ctr) = 49 (-1, -3)

Air vents are not only white in color, which makes it easy to match them to the appearance of the woodwork. Examples of color variants from the MS Windows and Doors offer:

  • model EXR.302.HP – RAL 9003, RAL 8017, RAL 8001, RAL 7045, RAL 7016;
  • model 2MO.102 – RAL 9003, RAL 8017, RAL 8001, RAL 7016;
  • AMA model. 404 – RAL 9003.

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