Summer-winter night vent

Summer-winter night vent from Siegenia.

Systematic airing of rooms is an activity to be remembered regardless of the season. Adjusting the amount of air entering the interior to the weather conditions allows summer-winter night vent – Siegenia solution. This item belongs to a group of optional solutions available in windows from MS beyond WINDOWS offer.

Summer-winter night vent – how does it work?

The energy-saving summer-winter night vent allows to adjust the amount of air that enters the room through the window. Repositioning the element results in the selection of one of two tilt positions – standard or limited (approx. 40 mm) for winter use.

Summer-winter night vent in the "WINTER" position.
“Winter” position.
Summer-winter night vent in the "SUMMER" position.
“Summer” position.

Advantages of adjustable ventilation

Thanks to the summer-winter night vent, regular airing of rooms does not have to involve unpleasant drafts during cold months. Not only does this have a positive effect on the comfort of staying in the room, but also allows to reduce heating expenses. Importantly, changing the degree of ventilation does not require the use of any tools. The video below explains that you just need to unlock the moving item, change its position by 180°, and then lock it again to prevent it from rotating. It is also worth mentioning the integrated protection against uncontrolled latching of the tilted window.

Ventilation options in MS beyond WINDOWS offer

Summer-winter night vent is one of the ventilation versions you can choose from when purchasing windows from 76 mm and 82 mm systems. Other variants are standard microventilation and two options – TITAN vent secure and multi-position tilt.

Frame part for standard microventilation.
Frame part for standard microventilation.

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