Siegenia TITAN AF window hardware

Siegenia TITAN AF hardware is the newest solution available in MS beyond WINDOWS products. These elements can be found in windows from systems 76, 82 and 73. An interesting option, among others, is the possibility to choose a summer-winter night vent instead of the standard microventilation.

Construction of Siegenia TITAN AF window hardware

Standard equipment for windows with Siegenia TITAN AF hardware includes the following:

1. KoPiBo movable anti-burglary mushroom cams– these elements are located at all points of locking of Siegenia hardware. They are distinguished by their high strength and precise fit to the striker plates. The automatic height adjustment of the mushrooms allows them to work smoothly with the elements mounted on the frame. This happens regardless of the thermal operation of the window, i.e. the change in its dimensions due to temperature increase. The possibility of rotating the mushroom cams guarantees gentle locking and unlocking and thus ensures high comfort of use of the window.

KoPiBo anti-burglary mushroom cam used in Siegenia TITAN AF hardware.

2. Security striker plate with sash lifter roller in the lower corner – an element screwed with two screws to steel reinforcement in the frame. It cooperates with the mushroom cams which are part of the sash hardware. The presence of a sash lifter roller considerably facilitates placing the sash into the frame.

3. Standard striker plates – components that work with rotary mushroom cams. Unlike standard strikers used by manufacturers, they not only ensure adequate gasket pressure (and thus window tightness) but also make it difficult for a burglar to push out the window sash. This is due to the presence of an orifice – a small metal element which prevents the mushroom cams from slipping off the strikers in the event of a break-in attempt. It is also worth mentioning that – unlike other hardware – all TITAN AF strikers are steel, supported on aesthetically pleasing composite brackets. They therefore ensure soft operation of the mushroom cams.

4.Microventilation in the corner – practical mechanism for achieving a small gap between sash and frame. Interestingly, this function is not performed by a stay, but by a corner with a dedicated striker plate. For a small gap, turn the handle 45° upwards from the “open” position.

Microventilation striker plate which allows to achieve a smalll gap between sash and frame.
Microventilation striker.

5. Mishandling device – the element is placed, as a standard, in each sash with height exceeding 845 mm. This prevents the handle from being turned when the window is open or tilted. This can only be done when the sash is in the frame.

Mishandling device - an element which makes it impossible to change the handle position when the window is open or tilted.
Mishandling device.

6. Optimal tilt stay lead-in and anti-slam device – the TITAN AF standard stay is distinguished by a large range of closing support. As a result, closing very wide sashes does not require significant effort. An additional advantage of the Siegenia stay is the integrated anti-slam device.

Stay mounted in FORMA Viso window.
The stay in the FORMA Viso window.

7. Hinges with increased load capacity – elements enabling the sashes to be opened and tilted. Their load capacity is 130 kg. Because of this, these components can be loaded more than standard window hinges. At the same time, they provide the structure with adequate safety. The picture below shows a FORMA window with standard Siegenia hinges.

FORMA window with hinges with increased load capacity.
FORMA window equipped with Siegenia hinges.

Optional window equipment

In constructions equipped with Siegenia TITAN AF window hardware, there may be not only the above mentioned elements, but also optional solutions:

1. Hidden hardware – all elements of these hardware are located in the window rebate (internal space between the sash and frame). They make windows look better and cleaning them requires less effort than with traditional hinges. Load capacity of hidden hinges is 150 kg.

2. Security packages – windows with Siegenia fittings can be equipped with RC0 , RC1 and RC2 security packages. They make it difficult for a potential burglar to break into a room.

RC1 - arrangement of security striker plates.
RC2 - arrangement of security striker plates.

3. Summer-winter night vent an element which makes it possible to change the degree of window opening and thus adjust the amount of air entering the interior to the weather conditions. It is worth noting that changing the ventilation from summer to winter does not require any tools. The summer-winter night vent works with the corner used for standard microventilation.

The image below shows the summer-winter night vent installed in the FORMA Viso window.

Summer-winter night vent in the FORMA Viso window.
Summer-winter night vent in the FORMA Viso window.

4. TITAN vent secure – a component for safe ventilation. It allows for a small tilt (10 mm) and at the same time maintains protection against potential burglars (RC1 or RC2). Thanks to this element, it is possible to ventilate a room during a downpour or absence of the house’s inhabitants without any fear. Its operation is shown in the video below:

5. Sash – element integrated with the handle. It allows to determine the position of the open sash and prevents it from opening/closing undesiredly. It can be used from 650 mm window/division.

Sash brake integrated with the handle.

6. Balcony snapper – a product mounted in the balcony door. This allows the sash to be left in the closed position when going out onto the balcony/terrace. This protects the door from uncontrolled closing or opening, e.g. in the event of a draught.

Balcony snapper.

The operation of the balcony snapper is explained by the animation below.

The operation of the balcony snapper.

7. Multi-position tilt – a variant that allows to adjust the degree of ventilation to the current needs of the user. Both in windows made of 82 mm profiles and in products constructed on the basis of 76 mm profiles, the tilt distance is 7-24 mm (4 ventilation levels). The function is realised by means of a special striker plate cooperating with the appropriate upper corner.

Multi-position tilt.

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