American convenience. Hammpton style windows

The Hamptons are part of Long Island, located near New York. It is also a picturesque seaside resort where busy Americans like to spend their free time. This is where the characteristic style of interior design was born. Which windows fit it?

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Characteristics of the hampton style

The hampton style is distinguished by a simple, yet classic and elegant character. Its task is to evoke a sense of idyll, associated with the seaside aura and the atmosphere of the American beaches of the Hamptons. It is a style typical of summer holiday properties located close to the seas and oceans. Although it comes from resorts adjacent to New York, it is also followed in other parts of the world.

The hampton style is characterized by brightness, functionality and spaciousness of the interior, as well as subdued colors and accessories. It is about the harmony between the interior and the world outside the building. People staying in a hampton-style house should feel relaxed and relaxed. It is the perfect place to relax!

Hamburg-style interior

Colors in the style of hampton

Homes decorated in a hampton style should use a bright color palette to resemble the colors of the beach on a sunny day. So there will be a lot of white, shades of beige, delicate, light gray and blue in it. Aggressive, industrial colors – anthracite, red, navy blue – can disturb the sense of idyll and the seaside atmosphere. A similar issue applies to darker wood-like shades, which in turn resemble rather forest, rural arrangements.

The hampton style

Which hampton style windows?

The hampton style will suit, above all, large windows, allowing natural daylight into the interior. They can be additionally equipped with muntins providing a classic charm.

As it is a traditional style, wooden joinery will look good in it. An alternative may be windows referring to wood design, such as Wood Look by MS more than WINDOWS . A prerequisite is the use of light-colored veneers, for example alpine, brillant weiss, cremeweiss or lichtgrau.

To further refer to the American origin of this style, the installation of sash windows , which is characteristic of Anglo-Saxon countries, can be considered.

A lot of beauty to the windows in a hampton-style house can be added by additionally installed wooden shutters in equally bright colors. A nice addition will also be delicate, tied on the side of the curtains in a pleasant, beige color.

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