Articulated hangers

Articulated hanger for the roller shutter.

Protecting the room from sunlight is not the only task carried out by blinds. These devices can also protect the interior from being penetrated by an unwanted person. The anti-burglary function is the responsibility articulated hangers that prevent the blind’s armor from being raised from the outside.

Articulated hangers – what is it?

A blind is very often the first obstacle a potential burglar has to overcome in order to get into our home. To make this task more difficult for him, special hangers are used. They press the blind against the ground and prevent it from being raised from the outside. Thanks to this, they significantly improve the safety of the house, as well as its inhabitants.

When are articulated hangers used?

Articulated hangers can only be used with electric roller shutters. Importantly, the blind must be based on a stable substrate. If it does not adhere adequately to the support point, the hangers do not function properly. It should also be emphasized that these components are necessary when using overload motors – components that shut down in case of too much resistance.

Hangers and warranty in MS more than WINDOWS

All blinds available in the MS offer more than WINDOWS are subject to a standard warranty of 2 years. If they are equipped with overload motors and articulated hangers, the warranty period is extended to 5 years.

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