Warranty – blinds

Warranty for MS products.

Blinds, mosquito nets and façade blinds are increasingly being installed in modern buildings. High-tech devices such as blinds and control systems are a very important part of smart homes. They also occupy an important place in ms offer more than WINDOWS.

How to choose the right covers?

In order to select the right covers from the MS offer more than WINDOWS, it is worth considering the following factors:

  • Location of the façade of the building

The southern and south-west facades are directly exposed to sunlight. The windows there therefore require the use of sun-protective covers. Thanks to them, it will be possible to provide comfortable conditions in the interiors. Modern blinds are also worth using – instead of standard curtains – for windows located on the eastern façade. The intelligent system will open the blind itself so that the sun can enter the room in the morning. Importantly, the user can choose the corresponding time on their own. A good option, due to the protection from the cold, is also the cover of windows located on the northern façade. It is worth noting that the presence of blinds makes it difficult for a potential burglar to get inside.

  • Wind conditions in your location

Windows that are exposed to wind and rain are worth securing by installing blinds. In addition to protecting against adverse weather conditions, these shields eliminate noise from the outside of the room.

  • Distance from the street and neighboring buildings

Blinds not only keep your household safe, but also protect their privacy. This feature is especially useful if the apartment is located on one of the lowest floors or the distance of the building from other houses is small.

  • The need to protect the interior from insects

During the warm months, the problem is not only excessive heating of the interior under the influence of the sun, but also numerous insects entering the apartment. Roller shutters available in the MS more than WINDOW offer can be equipped with mosquito nets , which provide effective protection against insects. This solution is useful not only for buildings located near the forest or meadow, but also for apartments located in the city center.

Roller blind with a mosquito net.

Blinds available in MS offer more than WINDOWS

Roller shutters must be adapted to the design and construction technology of the house. The MS more than WINDOWS offer includes three basic types of roller shutters :

1. Compact blinds

These are blinds, tied to the window. In their case, there is a need to place compact boxes under the watering cans. Therefore, window openings must be at least 20 cm higher than window openings intended for a structure not including the installation of such blinds. The design of the building must therefore provide for the fixing of the guards described. Compact blinds are mounted together with windows.

2. Hybrid blinds

These are external blinds that are not visible due to embedding in the insulation zone. They can be fixed after the installation of windows, while before the casting works.

3. External blinds

This type of cover can be mounted on the finished façade. They are not related to windows. In their case, the roller shutter box is visible from the outside.

The importance of proper installation of roller shutters

An important aspect in terms of guards is not only the choice of the right roller shutter system and carrying out accurate measurements, but also the correct installation. The way it is performed m.in. durability and functionality of the roller shutters. Professional installation, carried out by an authorized business partner MS more than WINDOWS, is a certainty that the cover will fulfill its task. Compact blinds from the MS offer more than WINDOWS ensure the proper functioning of the windows with which they are mounted. Windows with MS blinds are fully guaranteed.

Windows with blinds.

Warranty for blinds available in MS more than WINDOWS

Each blind produced in MS more than WINDOWS is subject to a standard warranty of 2 years. If the blinds are equipped with overload motors and articulated hangers,the warranty period is extended to 5 years. Overload motors are components that protect the cover from damage. They turn off in case of excessive resistance, e.g. when the armor freezes. They therefore protect the cover from damage. Articulated hangers, on the other hand, prevent the burglar from raising the blind.

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