Overload motors

Components that protect the roller shutters in case of the armor freezing.

The roller shutter is primarily used to protect the room from sunlight. Today, most of these products are electric and part of a group of high-tech devices. To protect the roller shutters from damage caused by e.g. adverse weather conditions, a special solution is used – overload motors.

What are overloaded motors?

In the past, roller shutter were primarily designed to protect the interior from sun radiation entering it. Currently, they provide their users with even more comfort, because they can be equipped with special components, e.g. motors with overload mechanism. These devices protect the roller shutter from damage caused by excessive resistance.

How do overload motors work?

The functioning of the motor with overload mechanism can be seen especially in the months when the air temperature drops below zero. The device that detects resistance while the roller shutter tries to go up, will turn off. In such a situation, not only the traditional motor could be damaged, but also the armor of the roller shutter. Overload motors cooperate with articulated hangers – components that prevent the roller shutter from being raised from the outside.

When is it worth choosing an overload motor?

The purchase of a roller shutter equipped with a motor with an overload mechanism is a good idea, e.g. in the case of remote control of several roller shutters. In this situation, it is not possible to see exactly whether each device is functioning properly. This solution will undoubtedly work in the so-called smart home.

Overload motors with obstacle detection

Overload motors with obstacle detection are used to effectively protect the roller shutters from damage. These components not only protect the armor in the event of excessive resistance when the roller shutter goes up, but also detect obstacles while it goes down. Thanks to their functioning, the device will not be destroyed even if there is an object on the windowsill.

Motor type and warranty in MS beyond WINDOWS

Each roller shutter available in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer is covered by a standard two-year warranty. For products equipped with overload motors and articulated hangers, the warranty period is extended to 5 years.

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