Facade blind motors

High-quality Somfy motors.

Blind drives make it easy to control external guards.

Facade blinds are primarily used to regulate the amount of sunlight entering the room. In order to provide their users with adequate comfort, modern electric motors are used. The functionality of products from the mSun series is guaranteed by Somfy facade blind motors.

Cable facade blind motors

The simplest type of motors used in facade blinds are cable ones. Two types of these devices are used in mSun covers: J4 WT and J4 WT Protect. For both of them, the upper and lower end positions are set electronically. The second product belongs to the overload motors group.

Overload motors for facade blinds

External blinds available in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer can be equipped with one of the overload motors – J4 io Protect or the previously mentioned J4 WT Protect. The overload mechanism consists in detecting obstacles during the movement of the facade blind upwards. If excessive resistance is detected, e.g. during frost, the motor stops. This ensures that the motor or the facade blind does not damage when trying to overcome resistance. J4 io Protect device has a built-in radio receiver.

Radio facade blind motors

J4 io Protect and J4 RTS are motors for external blinds with an integrated radio receiver. The first of these operates in two-way radio communication. This allows for obtaining feedback on the position of the facade blind. Radio control is an undoubted convenience.

Somfy remote control for controlling blinds.

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