Co-financing for the replacement of windows

Are you planning to replace your windows with energy-saving ones, but are you afraid of the high costs of such an investment? There is a way to lower them. See if you qualify for co-financing of thermal modernization under the Clean Air program.

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In the past, we discussed the conditions under which it is worth replacing windows on a blog. Last week, however, we indicated why it is best to choose energy-saving models when choosing new windows . Today we suggest whether it is possible to obtain funding for such an exchange and how to do it.

Clean Air Program

The government’s Clean Air program, in force since 2018, is intended to combat smog and improve air quality in Poland. This goal is to be achieved by mobilizing the owners of single-family houses to replace old boilers (so-called “so-called” so-called “so-called” so-called “so-called” so-called “so-called” so-called “so-called” so-called “so-called” so-called “so-called” so-called “smokes”) and improving the thermal insulation properties of their buildings.

Despite the difficult beginnings, the Clean Air program began to gain popularity over time. According to the data of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, by January 14, 2022, nearly 385,000 applications for funding were submitted

The Clean Air program is addressed to owners of single-family residential buildings or housing premises separated in such houses with a separate land and mortgage register. As part of it, you can apply for co-financing covering the replacement of old and ineffective heat sources with solid fuel with modern heat sources that meet the highest standards. In addition, it is possible to carry out the necessary thermomodernization works of the building . It is as part of these works that windows, external doors or garage doors can be replaced with those that meet the highest energy efficiency standards .

Who is the co-financing under the Clean Air program for?

Whether we can apply for funding under the Clean Air program depends on our income. They also determine the scope of such support and the amount of possible subsidy. There are three income ceilings that are eligible for funding.

First of all, beneficiaries may be people whose annual income does not exceed PLN 100,000 . In the case of obtaining income from various sources, they are added up, but the total amount again cannot exceed 100,000. Such persons are entitled to the basic grant rate .

Beneficiaries of the Clean Air program eligible for the increased level of co-financing are persons whose monthly income per one household member does not exceed PLN 1,564 in a multi-person household or PLN 2,189 in a single-person household .

On the other hand, applicants whose income per household member does not exceed PLN 900 in a multi-person household or PLN 1260 in a single-person household can count on the largest co-financing under the program. Moreover, this category includes persons who are entitled to receive a permanent allowance, a periodic allowance, a family allowance or a special care allowance.

Grant for the purchase and replacement of windows

The basic level of funding depends on the scope of work that we plan to do. If the project involves the dismantling of an ineffective solid fuel heat source and the purchase and installation of an air-to-water heat pump or ground source heat pump, then the subsidy may amount to as much as PLN 30,000 with a simultaneous investment in a photovoltaic micro-installation. As part of additional works, also covered by co-financing, the window or entrance door may also be replaced with more energy-efficient ones.

In the case of a project involving the dismantling of an old boiler and the installation of a heat source other than those mentioned in the previous paragraph, the subsidy may amount to a maximum of 25,000 (including investment in photovoltaics). The scope of additional works also includes the possible replacement of windows and doors.

However, if we do not plan to install a new heat source, but only replace the windows as part of the thermal modernization of the building, then the amount of subsidy from the Clean Air program may not exceed 10,000 .

When the applicant qualifies for the increased level of co-financing , then in the case of replacing the furnace or boiler with a more modern one, he can count on a subsidy of up to PLN 37,000 (for a project with a photovoltaic micro-installation). However, when the heat source is not changed, the subsidy for the mere replacement of windows can be up to 15,000 .

A selected group of applicants who qualify for the highest level of funding may receive up to PLN 69,000 in subsidy. It can be used to finance up to 90% of the entire project.

co-financing for the replacement of windows

How to apply for a grant?

There are two basic paths that can be used to obtain funding under the Clean Air program.

First, you can apply online. To do this, just create an account and log in to the government portal Then, through it, you need to fill in the application, which is then signed electronically and sent along with the required attachments.

The second option is to submit the application to the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management corresponding to our place of residence. The appropriate form can be downloaded from the website of the competent WFOŚiGW. The completed application can be delivered to the office in person or by post or courier.

A third path has been introduced recently – banking . This is the so-called Clean Air Credit . This option differs from the basic one, carried out through WFOŚiGW. The most important changes concern:

  • commencement of the project: up to 6 months before submitting the application under the funds and from the date of submitting the application in the banking path,
  • implementation period: up to 30 months from submitting the application under the funds and 18 months from the date of submitting the application in the banking path,
  • settlement of the application: up to three parts within the funds and in full after the end of the project under the banking path.

The condition for obtaining a subsidy for partial repayment of the loan is the payment to the applicant by the bank of money intended only for the purposes in accordance with the Clean Air program and the use of these funds by the beneficiary as intended. At the same time, at least 95% of the loan must be allocated to cover eligible costs of the investment carried out.

co-financing for the replacement of windows and doors

In this article, we have only outlined the issue of obtaining funding for the replacement of windows and doors as part of thermo-modernization works. In practice, there are other ways to reduce the costs of such an investment, for example the Stop Smog program for municipalities and their residents, as well as thermomodernization tax reliefs .

More information can be found on the official website of the program: https ://czyepowieoł

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