Window replacement – when is it worth doing?

Windows play a very important role in our daily life. They provide light, protect the interior against heat loss and allow the room to ventilate. If the joinery ceases to perform its function properly, replacement of windows may be a good solution. When is the best time to go for it?

When will a window replacement be a good decision?

Windows made of high-quality materials, created with the use of modern technologies, perform their function properly for a long time. The joinery, which was installed many years ago, differs in terms of standards from the latest solutions, which allow, among others, saving a lot of energy. Here are some situations where window replacement is a good option:

  • Damage to the window

An accident, many years of use or the frequent lack of proper care can damage the joinery – especially the one bought several dozen years ago. There is no doubt that it is worth deciding to buy a new structure then. The problem may also result from improper assembly, carried out by an inexperienced person.

  • Possibility of obtaining better parameters

Structures produced today are characterized by much better parameters compared to the joinery installed years ago. Replacing windows with those that are distinguished by very good thermal insulation will significantly improve the comfort of staying in a house or apartment. In addition, it will allow to avoid high heating bills.

  • Leaky joinery

The problem of leaky windows can sometimes be eliminated, e.g. by adjusting the hardware correctly. Sometimes the problem arises from the distortion of the joinery, which requires the installation of new structures. This solution will allow to save a significant amount of energy, and thus – reduce the cost of heating.

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  • Need for change

In the past, the most popular solution among PVC windows was white joinery. There are many more possibilities today. Various veneers allow to obtain a product imitating wooden constructions with its structure. Currently, shades of gray dominate, thanks to which PVC resembles aluminium in its appearance. Installing a new joinery will allow to refresh the interior and improve its aesthetic value.

Lift and slide doors in Alux DB colour.
Patio HST in Alux DB colour. The selection of the appropriate veneer will give the entire joinery a unique character, thus the windows will form a coherent whole with the body of the building.
  • Willingness to take care of safety

Modern windows can be equipped with solutions that make it difficult for a potential burglar to enter the building. Such options include security packages available in MS beyond WINDOWS – RC0, RC1 and RC2.

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Replacing windows – the best time

Many people wonder when it is best to replace windows. Apart from very frosty days, new joinery can be installed at any time. There is no doubt, however, that the most convenient time is the spring and summer period, when the weather is favorable for construction works. It is worth remembering that before ordering a new structure, appropriate measurements should be taken. It is best to entrust this task to a professional team that will measure the old window and propose a new solution.

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Professional window replacement.
The best time to replace windows is the spring and summer period, but in fact, apart from frosty periods, you can install the joinery every day.

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