Fasteners and extensions for 73 mm systems

Akcesoria kompatybilne z systemem MSline i SliM.

Łącznik rurowo-komorowy o zmiennym kącie łączenia, ze wzmocnieniem.


Mini white

Symbol: NP011

Mini white connector.

Description: Narrow PVC profile, thanks to which you can connect two windows or window and balcony. The connector is only available in white.


Symbol: NP019

Mushroom connector.

Description: Narrow PVC profile designed to connect two windows, as well as windows and balcony. This element is used for windows of standard sizes – that is, those that do not require additional, more advanced solutions, ensuring proper rigidity. The connector is in a color-matched pair to the outside and inside of the window.

20 mm with reinforcement

Symbol: NP012

20 mm connector with reinforcement.

Description: PVC profile with reinforcement, which is used to combine window structures of relatively small sizes. It does not go beyond the frame of the window – it creates a single plane with it. The use of reinforcement ensures proper rigidity in the structure.

Expansion with reinforcement

Symbol: NP013

Expansion couplement with reinforcement.

Description: PVC profile with reinforcement. This element is used to combine wide structures, which consist of several windows. Its construction allows the proper functioning of the wings. Reinforcement has a positive effect on the rigidity of the structure.


Symbol: NP014

Bone connector.

Description: PVC profile with reinforcement. It is used to combine structures with large dimensions. In the case of such windows, an important aggravating factor is the influence of the wind. The connector must be attached to the building, no matter what windows it connects. Only then can he perform his function in the right way. A bone connector is required when connecting doors to adjacent glazing.

Angled 135°

Symbol: 416240

Description: PVC profile with reinforcement. It allows the installation of window structures that are connected at an angle of 135°. With its use, it is possible to build windows in bay windows. Thanks to this, the building looks very interesting.

90° with gain

Symbol: NP010

Connector 90 with reinforcement.

Description: PVC profile with reinforcement. It allows you to connect corner windows at a 90° angle. It is worth noting that when connecting open windows, there may be a collision of wings. For this reason, it is necessary to take into account not only the use of the fastener, but also the extension, the width of which is at least 30 mm.

Variable-connection tube-chamber, with reinforcement

Symbol: NP016

Tube-chamber connector with variable connection angle, with reinforcement.

Description: PVC profile with reinforcement. It allows you to mount window structures that are connected at any angle from 90° to 180°. The use of this element allows the construction of windows in bay windows.

Widening the wall

12 mm

Symbol: NP112

Extension of the wall 12 mm.

30 mm with reinforcement

Symbol: NP130

30 mm widening of the wall with reinforcement.

50 mm with reinforcement

Symbol: NP150

50 mm widening of the wall with reinforcement.

Description: PVC profile that connects to the window frame. This is done to change the overall width. Sometimes this is how the depth of the structure is also adjusted.

120 mm with one gain (depth 55 mm)

Symbol: NP328

Frame extension 120 mm with one reinforcement (depth 55 mm).

Description: Subliminal widening, which is used to mount the window frame if the floor in the room has not yet been finished. In this situation, the window must be supported by means of an appropriate widening. Otherwise, deformations of the structure may appear. Np328 widening can be cut lengthwise to chamber height (32-35 mm, 61-64 mm, 83-86 mm).

150 mm with one gain (depth 62 mm)

Symbol: NP828

Description: Profile, which is mounted to the bottom of the balcony windows. Thanks to it, it is possible to eliminate the permanent deformation of the threshold parts of the door frame. The extension allows the window frame to be seated in such a way that it is at the same height as the floor, which will be finished at a later stage of construction work. This element prevents the window structure from losing functional properties. Np828 widening can be cut longidinally to chamber height (37-40 mm, 73-76 mm, 108-111 mm).

Stiffening profile with steel 60x40x3

Symbol: NP071

Stiffening profile with steel 60x40x3.

Description: PVC profile with reinforcement. It is used to improve the rigidity of structures with large dimensions.

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