Feng shui – the practice of interior design

Among the leading trends on the interior design market, the Japanese style is increasingly appreciated. It is characterized by harmony, calm, practicality and respect for the principles of feng shui. What is this feng shui and how to arrange the interior according to its laws?

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feng shui

Feng shui is the Japanese practice of planning space in such a way that it is as compatible with nature as possible. Literally “feng shui” means wind and water. They are symbols of invisibility and elusiveness. And the overarching goal of this Asian practice is to direct the flow of positive energy, called chi, so that it is as beneficial as possible for the household members. Water attracts and accumulates it, and the wind distributes it. So how to arrange the interior so that it is in line with nature and thus we function perfectly in it?

There are several rules to follow, but the first and most important is to use minimalism, symmetry and round shapes. Applying these guidelines will make the interior harmonious and spacious.

An organized space is also very important. Feng shui does not like chaos and clutter. That is why it is so important to clean the surface of the apartment from unnecessary things.

Another recommended feng shui practice is to ventilate rooms. Letting in fresh air causes chi energy to move. In addition to the techniques mentioned above, it is good to surround yourself with nature and its colors. Natural accessories, decorations and rich vegetation will make the interior harmonious.

Ba gua mesh

More and more often household members reach for the ba gua net. It is a practice whose overriding principle is the free and harmonious flow of energy.

The ba gua grid is an ancient energy map consisting of 9 equal parts representing the different areas/ cheeses of life. It is applied to the plan of the apartment to identify areas of life that need key changes and improvement. Ba gua is the sister of feng shui, which brings good chi energy to our home, responsible for our health, relationships with others, financial matters, etc. However, according to the Japanese principles of arranging rooms, the less unnecessary furniture and broken or unused items in them, the better.


Windows are an important aspect. These should be as large as possible and preferably not covered with anything. And if so, it would be good if they were minimalist, elegant and functional. And these are certainly the FORMA windows from the renowned MS manufacturer more than WINDOWS. The windows let in the sunlight and thus its energy. In addition, they allow you to ventilate the apartment, so it would be best if they were not blocked with anything and opening them was unlimited.

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