FORMA windows

The newest products in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer.

FORMA windows in unusual shapes.

We present the FORMA window line, which will soon be available in the offer of MS beyond WINDOWS. The products are distinguished not only by their construction and modern design, but also by the presence of the latest Siegenia TITAN AF hardware. A noteworthy solution is, among others, sash flush with the frame and summer-winter night vent.

Time for a new standard and pure form

We are introducing three unique product concepts for sale: FORMA, FORMA Viso and FORMA ThermoFibra. They are based on the innovative solutions of the Belgian company Deceuninck. This brand has been producing PVC profiles for windows for over 80 years, combining unique technologies with modern design. Thanks to this, the new line of FORMA windows is a response to the needs and expectations of our customers. Additionally, the presented products open up new opportunities for architects, thus changing the perception of PVC windows for the next decades.

Framing the future

The new line of FORMA windows is primarily:

  • minimalistic PVC window concept;
  • very good parameters – thermal insulation, strength and tightness;
  • traditional design with bold, straight profile edges;
  • sash 80 mm deep based on a 76 mm frame. The assembly height (frame+sash) is only 112 mm (in MSline+ assemly height is 123 mm);
  • additional central gasket in the MD frame;
  • heat transfer coefficient of assembly sash/frame Uf = 1.0 W/m2K (in the case of the FORMA basic sash);
  • 50 veneers to choose from (more than in products based on Salamander profiles).


  • very narrow rebates in the frame and in the sash and straight edges of profiles and glazing beads;
  • the presence of a closed reinforcement with a thickness of 2 mm in the frame;
  • new Siegenia hardware with extensive standard equipment e.g. hinges with a load capacity of 130 kg and modern steel security striker plates with composite inserts and rollers facilitating putting the sash into the frame;
  • the possibility of equipping windows in innovative summer-winter night vent. This element allows the amount of air entering the interior to be adjusted to the conditions prevailing outside;
  • coloured windows welded in V-Perfect technology using modern Graf Synergy robots;
  • the system belongs to the 76 mm group, however – due to the fact that the depth of the basic sash is 80 mm – not fully suited to this classification.

The following video shows the functioning of the latest hardware.

Modernist design of the FORMA Viso window

Forma Viso is a bold extension of FORMA windows with a design sash with a depth of 92 mm, which is completely flush with the frame from the outside. It enables the construction of double-sash windows and balconies with an extremely narrow flying mullion – only 124 mm wide. Heat transfer coefficient of assembly sash/frame Uf = 1.0 W/m2K.

FORMA Viso window, in which the sash and frame form one plane from the outside.
FORMA Viso window.

FORMA ThermoFibra – glass fiber reinforced sash

FORMA ThermoFibra is the most advanced composite technology in PVC windows. A sash with a depth of 85 mm is reinforced with glass fiber. This effect is obtained as a result of the process of linctruction, i.e. coextrusion of the profile and the glass fiber strands. Thanks to it, it is possible to achieve the appropriate stiffness of the cross-section without the need to use steel reinforcements. The effect of this technology is a very low heat transfer coefficient of the sash/frame assembly Uf = 0.88 W/m2K.

Glass fiber - reinforcement in FORMA ThermoFibra window sashes.

Comparison of new windows with the system MSline+ (AD and MD) and MSline can be found in the table below:

Comparison of FORMA windows parameters
with MSline+ AD, MSline+ MD
and MSline
FORMAFORMA VisoFORMA ThermoFibraMSline+ ADMSline+ MDMSline
Heat transfer coefficient
For the sash/frame assembly – Uf [W/m 2K]1,01,00,881,10,981,4
For the reference window (1230×1480) – Uw [W/m 2K] *0,80 / 0,75 / 0,730,80 / 0,75 / 0,730,76 / 0,71 / 0,690,83 / 0,77 / 0,750,83 / 0,77 / 0,750,91 / 0,87 / 0,84
* – Uw values are given for the SUPERtermo 0.5 glass and for the steel / Chromatech Ultra / Thermobar spacer bars
Wind load resistance
resistance to wind load class – deflection (for a single-sash window)C5C5C5C3C3C3
air pressure at which the window deformation did not exceed the permissible value2000 Pa2000 Pa2000 Pa1200 Pa1200 Pa1200 Pa
wind speed at which the window deformation did not exceed the permissible value204 km/h204 km/h204 km/h158 km/h158 km/h158 km/h
force of the wind pressure at which the deformation of the window did not exceed the permissible value204 kg/m²204 kg/m²204 kg/m²122 kg/m²122 kg/m²122 kg/m²
Water tightness
water tightness class9A9A9AE750E1050E900
air pressure at which no water is leaking through the window600 Pa600 Pa600 Pa750 Pa1050 Pa900 Pa
wind speed at which no water is leaking through the window111 km/h111 km/h111 km/h124.7 km/h147.6 km/h136.6 km/h
force of the wind pressure at which no water leaks through the window61 kg/m²61 kg/m²61 kg/m²76 kg/m²107 kg/m²91.8 kg/m²
Air permeability (test pressure)
air-tightness class – defines the amount of air “leaking” through a closed window
(for a single-sash window)
Assembly height (frame+sash)112 mm112 mm109 mm123 mm123 mm118 mm
Assembly depth (frame+sash)92.5 mm92.5 mm97.5 mm102 mm102 mm89.5 mm
Frame depth76 mm76 mm76 mm82 mm82 mm73 mm
Sash depth80 mm92 mm85 mm82 mm82 mm73 mm
Sash height77 mm77 mm74 mm85 mm85 mm80 mm
Assembly width with fixed mullion180 mm180 mm174 mm196 mm196 mm190 mm
Assembly width with a flying mullion158 mm124 mm152 mm180 mm180 mm168 mm

One frame – many possibilities

The newest products in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer are constructed using a 76 mm deep frame. It does not mean, however, that in this situation we are dealing with the standard 76 mm system. In each of the presented variants, a sash with a different depth is used. The profiles used consist of seven chambers, thanks to which they are characterized by very good thermal insulation. In the case of FORMA windows, the sash depth is 80 mm. In turn, for FORMA Viso windows, this dimension reaches the value of 92 mm. FORMA ThermoFibra products are made with the use of sashes with a depth of 85 mm.

The cross-section of the FORMA window available in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer.
FORMA Viso window section with sash flush with the frame from the outside.
FORMA ThermoFibra window section, the sash of which is reinforced with glass fiber.
FORMA ThermoFibra

Smaller assembly width – more world

An unquestionable distinguishing feature of windows created on the basis of Deceuninck profiles is the assembly height (frame+sash). In the case of FORMA and FORMA Viso, this parameter is only 112 mm. For the FORMA ThermoFibra windows, it was possible to obtain an even smaller dimension – 109 mm. This means that each of the new products facilitates contact with the outside world and allows more light to enter the room than constructions with a higher assembly height. The favorable ratio of the glazing area to the non-transparent area of the window is also confirmed by the width of assembly with the flying mullion. This parameter has the lowest value in the case of FORMA Viso windows – 124 mm. For FORMA and FORMA ThermoFibra windows, this dimension is 158 mm and 152 mm, respectively. It is also worth paying attention to the width of the assembly with a fixed mullion – it is 174 mm for a window with a sash reinforced with glass fiber and 180 mm for the other two constructions. The following graphic shows the comparison of the assembly height of FORMA, FORMA Viso and FORMA ThermoFibra with MSline+, MSline and SliM.

Comparison of windows from the FORMA line with the 82 mm and 73 mm system.

Extremely narrow sash rebate

Due to the use of an innovative method of profile reinforcement, very good thermal insulation properties of ThermoFibra windows could be achieved with a assembly height of only 109 mm. These products are distinguished by an extremely narrow rebate in the sash (7 mm wide). Until now, such a parameter could only be obtained in aluminium systems. From the outside, the glass is practically flush with the sash profile. It is worth noting that FORMA window profile systems have received prestigious awards for their unique design e.g. reddot, German design award special and TOP Builder. Deceuninck was also a laureate of the Innovative Solutions for the Joinery Industry program. The jury awarded the IRBS Quality Mark to the ThermoFibra technology, consisting in the reinforcement of the window profile with glass fiber.

Prices for the new FORMA window line

We assume that the price of FORMA windows (with a sash 80 mm deep) in the MD version (with a middle gasket) will be equal to the cost of MSline+ AD windows (without a middle gasket). The offer will include a balcony sash and a terrace sash that opens outwards. We do not exclude the possibility of introducing a special promotion on a new line of windows. In turn, FORMA Viso windows (with a flush sash 92 mm deep) will be priced as products from the series Wood Look/ ALU LOOK. However, it will not be possible to use a balcony sash, arches and slants. We are currently working on preparing the FORMA ThermoFibra system for production in terms of technology.

Available glazing options

The table below shows the available glazing options and glazing beads that can be used in the FORMA series and in Patio HST 76:

Glazing beads and glazing options available in windows from the FORMA system.

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