“Heavy” hinges

Window hardware with increased load capacity.

Window hinge.

In PVC windows, the hinges primarily ensure safety. In addition, they affect the aesthetic value of the structure and the functional aspect. MS beyond WINDOWS products are equipped with hinges with higher load capacity compared to typical hardware.

Window hinges – construction and place of assembly

The hinges in PVC, wooden and aluminium windows consist of two parts. One of them is screwed to the sash, while the other is attached to the frame. Hinges can be divided into four groups:

  • lower – they are mounted to the lower corner of the frame and sash,
  • upper – they are mounted to the upper corner of the frame and sash,
  • intermediate – they provide adequate pressure in the tilt doors,
  • tilting – they are installed in tilt windows.

In PVC windows, the lower and upper hinges allow the sashes to be opened and tilted. They also affect the safety of using the window.

"Heavy" hinges for windows.
Mounted “heavy” hinge.

Window hardware and construction safety

Modern architecture is characterized by the tendency to use glazings with ever larger surfaces. The thermal insulation of the windows is also a very important issue. For this reason, they are equipped with thermally insulating glazed units, consisting of three panes. In the case of windows with large surfaces, it is necessary to ensure the safety of using the product. Therefore, hardware elements with an appropriate load capacity should be selected.


The weight of 1 m2 of a glass pane having a thickness of 4 mm is 10 kg. In the case of a triple-glazed unit used in a balcony window with dimensions of 2.5 x 1 m, the mass of the glazed unit itself is approximately 75 kg. After adding the weight of the sash with hardware to it, a value close to the strength limit of standard hinges, the load capacity of which is 100 kg, is achieved. In turn, when using bonded laminated or anti-burglary glass, the weight of 100 kg will be exceeded with windows of smaller dimensions.

Hinges in windows from MS beyond WINDOWS offer

Due to the necessity to ensure the construction of appropriate safety, MS beyond WINDOWS products are equipped with window hinges as standard, the load capacity of which is 130 kg. Compared to conventional hinges, they have a different design. “Heavy” hinge pins have a larger diameter. What’s more, they also have a greater length. Thanks to this, they pass through all walls of the sash and frame profiles. As a result, the window hinges are more firmly embedded in the PVC profiles. Therefore, they may be more burdened, compared to standard hardware, with proper safety. PVC windows available in MS beyond WINDOWS are tilt and turn as standard. This means that all single-sash windows, as well as multi-sash windows with fixed posts, always have the opening and tilting function.

Siegenia hinges for windows

Siegenia hinges are used in PVC structures from MS beyond WINDOWS. Compared to the average market solutions, they have a higher load capacity – up to 130 kg. As a result, they enable safe operation of heavy windows.

FORMA window with hinges with increased load capacity.
FORMA window with Siegenia hinges.

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