Interior design in the Modern Classic style, i.e. elegance in details

The Modern Classic style is a combination of classic elegance with modern elements, creating a unique atmosphere of harmony and sophistication. One of the key elements in interior design in this style are windows, which are not only a practical function, but also an important decorative element.
  1. Less means more
  2. Choose luxurious curtains
  3. Minimalism

Less means more

When we think about window decoration in the Modern Classic style, it is worth following the principle “less is more”. Windows themselves are often an interior decoration, so too many additional decorations could overwhelm the space. It is important to maintain balance and subtlety, allowing the windows to naturally exude their beauty. Simple windows are very elegant and consistent with this style. Matte white veneer will enhance the effect of a modern classic. Such solutions are offered by MS more than WINDOWS .

Choose luxurious curtains

One of the ideas for decorating windows in the Modern Classic style is to choose delicate curtains or curtains. But choose quality and those made of luxurious materials such as silk, linen or velvet. The choice of classic colors, such as ecru, beige or pastel shades, will perfectly match the aesthetics of this style. Additionally, you can use light decorations in the form of subtle embroidery or embroidery, which will add a unique charm to the interior.


However, if you prefer a more minimalist look, you can opt for simple, smooth curtains or blinds. They will allow you to maintain the elegant character of the room without obscuring the natural light coming through the windows.

In the case of Modern Classic style windows, decoration often comes down to selecting high-quality, elegant elements that subtly emphasize their beauty. So let’s remember to maintain harmony and balance, avoiding too many decorative details that could overwhelm the space. The key is subtlety and conscious choices that will emphasize the unique character of this style.

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