Bars for wood-aluminium windows with Gutmann cladding

Structural and stick-on bars give the joinery a unique appearance. In the case of wood-aluminium windows, the natural wood is visible from the interior. On the other hand, aluminium is used on the exterior in the colour of the cladding.

Stick-on bars for wood-aluminium windows

The use of stick-on bars in wood-aluminium windows means that elements made of two materials are used. The bar used on the room side is wooden. An aluminium component is attached to the outside. Special tapes and silicone or gaskets are used to fix the two parts to the glass. In order to effectively reproduce the effect of several separate panes of glass in a window, a blind bar, called a duplex, is placed in the chambers between the glass panes. The colour of this element is exactly the same as the spacer bar separating the glass panes. Stick-on bars are available in single-chamber and double-chamber glazed units. The interior component is manufactured from the same wood – both in terms of species and varnish colour – as the window. The externally mounted bar is matched to the profiles of the sash and frame cladding, also in colour. The MS Windows and Doors product range includes bars in three product lines (Classic, Modern, Art), in various sizes. Elements are available in the following dimensions: 26, 36, 40 mm.

Stick-on bars

View of a stick-on bar in a wood-aluminium window from the inside.

You can view the options offered via the graphics below.

Structural bars for wood-aluminium windows

Structural bars in wood-aluminium windows are used to divide the glazed unit into separate fields. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, they ensure that the joinery is more durable. These elements are available in three product lines – Classic, Modern and Art. Bars blend in perfectly with the construction – they are made from the same type of wood as the window. A varnish of identical colour is also used. In addition, the same type of aluminium cladding is used in the production process, which also matches the joinery in terms of colour.

Structural bars

Structural bar in a wood-aluminium window, view from the inside.

Below are graphics showing the offered options.

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