FORMA sashes

Window sashes made of Deceuninck profiles.

The depth of PVC profiles is one of the most important parameters characterizing the window construction. The products from the FORMA line belong to the group of 76 mm systems due to the depth of the frame, which is their basis. However, sashes of varying dimensions deserve special attention, thanks to which windows can not be easily equated with other 76 mm systems.

Comparison of window sashes from the FORMA system.

What does the depth of PVC profiles inform about?

The depth of window profiles significantly affects the properties of the structure. This parameter determines, among others window thermal insulation, resistance to wind load, as well as acoustic insulation. Currently, the most popular solution offered on the market are products consisting of five-chamber profiles of frames and sashes. Moreover, these elements have the same depth (usually 76-80 mm). In the case of the FORMA window line, the base is a frame with a depth of 76 mm. Each of the offered products is constructed using a different sash. The table below shows the comparison of systems with MSline+ and MSline products.

Comparison of FORMA windows parameters with MSline+ AD, MSline+ MD and MSlineFORMAFORMA VisoFORMA ThermoFibraMSline+MSline
Assembly height (frame + sash)112 mm112 mm109 mm123 mm118 mm
Assembly depth (frame + sash)92.5 mm92.5 mm97.5 mm102 mm89.5 mm
Frame depth76 mm76 mm76 mm82 mm73 mm
Sash depth80 mm92 mm85 mm82 mm73 mm
Sash height77 mm77 mm74 mm85 mm80 mm
Assembly width with fixed mullion180 mm180 mm174 mm196 mm190 mm
Assembly width with a flying mullion158 mm124 mm152 mm180 mm168 mm
Number of sash/frame chambers7/77/77/77/65/5

Number of profile chambers and structure properties

The number of profile chambers primarily affects the thermal insulation of the window. However, it is worth remembering that a large number of chambers is not enough to guarantee a construction with good thermal properties. It must go hand in hand with the appropriate profile depth. For the construction of windows from the FORMA line, seven-chamber PVC profiles with a depth that enable effective protection against heat loss are used.

FORMA windows – 80 mm sash

FORMA products are constructed using 80 mm deep sashes. As a result, this solution goes beyond the current standards of windows consisting of frame and sash profiles of the same depth. For FORMA windows, the height of the assembly (frame+sash) is 112 mm.

FORMA windows sash.

FORMA Viso windows – 92 mm sash

FORMA Viso windows belong to systems distinguished by a large-depth sash. They are also based on a 76 mm frame, while the sash depth is 92 mm. As a result, this solution may belong to the systems characterized by the greatest depth. The sash profile of such dimensions allows for a unique effect – from the outside it is completely flush with the frame. The height of the assembly (frame+sash) reaches a value of 112 mm.

FORMA Viso windows sash.

FORMA ThermoFibra windows 85 mm sash

The sash depth in the FORMA ThermoFibra windows is 85 mm. Due to the parameter described, this product is classified to a group of window systems of great depth. In this case, the height of the assembly (frame+sash) is 109 mm. Importantly, in the sashes of ThermoFibra windows, traditional steel reinforcement is not used, only glass fiber. This allows for very good thermal insulation while maintaining a low weight of the sash profile.

FORMA ThermoFibra window sash.

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