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MSline windows

A technologically advanced product that meets the strict thermal requirements set out in Polish standards. An additional central gasket guarantees tightness, excellent thermal insulation and protection against noise.


MSline 72MD windows provide thermal parameters previously reserved for wider systems. This makes them perfect for new construction.

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Despite the increasing demands on thermals, MSline windows are doing well, thanks to triple glazed insulated units with warm spacer bars.

MSline 72MD is the result of 30 years of experience in window production combined with the excellent quality of profiles from the proEvolution system offered by the German brand Salamander.


One of the most important elements of the MS beyond WINDOWS offer is the range of over 40 PVC veneers, which allow you to give your windows an individual character.

We have both the most popular traditional wood-like veneers, which perfectly fit into the classic construction e.g. Golden Oak, Walnut, Dark Oak, Winchester XA, as well as fashionable greys, black and aluminium-inspired veneers (e.g. Jet Black matt CC+, Alux DB, Metbrush Alu, Anthracite Satin).

New are three veneers from the Woodec series, which are distinguished by a distinct wood structure and imitate a natural grain. The Turner Oak is characterized by subtle caramel colours, while Alpine in a cooler tone perfectly matches the Scandinavian style. Concrete veneer, on the other hand, impresses with the colour of wood thrown out of the sea, which will perfectly match modern construction.


MSline biały
  1. Profile depth 72 mm
  2. Steel reinforcement
  3. 5 chambers in the frame
  4. CHROMATECH “warm spacer” between the panes
  5. Clearer windows
  6. Straight strip
  7. 5 chambers in the wing
  8. MD middle gasket
MSline taras biały
  1. White profile
  2. Aluminium drip cap
  3. Warm aluminum threshold
  4. Terrace wing
  5. Tempered glass
  6. Double brush seal


for reference window
Uw = 0.88 W/m²K with MS warm edge
Uw = 0.84 W/m²K with CHROMATECH frame
Uw = 0.81 W/m²K with Thermobar

Lt = 74%

for glass Ug = 0,6 W/m²K
with a new, brighter low thermal emissivity coating

G = 53%

for glass Ug = 0,6 W/m²K
with a new, brighter low thermal emissivity coating

Withstands a pressure of 1200 Pa caused by a wind speed of 158 km/h.

It does not pass water in heavy rain with a wind speed of 111 km/h.

Rw = 31dB  down 46 dB
depending on the acoustic glass



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