Original colour combination

Match and combine colours. You have many options.

The choice of window colour is usually dictated by the style of the building. If we have a modern shape of the building – we focus on black, gray or metallic shades. If our house is a classic residence – most often we choose warmer wood-like patterns.

Make windows individual

A popular option is to use one colour from the outside and another from the inside. We can combine different shades and patterns – those inspired by wood and metal. In our offer you will find a range of more than 40 PVC veneers that will allow you to give an individual character to the windows. We offer both the most popular satin grays, wood-like colours and top black.

Search for bold inspirations

If we dream of a completely unconventional solution, we can use different colours for frames and sashes. An example is the combination of Alux DB frames and Winchester sashes. This combination helps to slightly warm the interior while maintaining a modern design. An increasingly popular solution in kitchen interiors is the combination of elegant black and wood. The same effect can be achieved by combining in the windows deep black colour of JET Black Matt veneer and matte structure of Turner Oak wood colour.

We encourage you to play with colour and look for bold inspirations.

See winchester coloured windows.

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