Scratches on the glass in the window – how to deal with them?

Window panes, like any other glass, are unfortunately prone to scratches. Therefore, it is worth being careful with them. However, it is not possible to predict all accidents and sometimes such an unsightly scratch will appear. How can this be remedied?

Table of contents:

The causes of the formation of scratches

Scratches on windows can appear for a variety of reasons. They often result, for example, from improper washing with strong detergents and the use of cloths with too sharp seams, hard sponges or newspapers to wipe.

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Weather conditions may also be responsible for the formation of scratches. For example, an intense hailstorm or a gale that lifts sharp and hard objects, such as branches. Intentional acts of vandalism cannot be ruled out either. Or an ordinary case …

Regardless of the cause of the scratch, it will look unsightly and it is worth trying to remove it.

How to remove a scratch from the glass?

It is obvious that it is worth preventing than repairing, but if scratches appear on the glass, it is worth trying to remove them. There are several ways to try:

Polishing paste

The first way we should consider is to use a special polishing paste. They are available at any DIY store.

Before we start polishing the windows, they should be thoroughly cleaned. The point is that the present contamination, such as particles of dust, sand or other dirt, does not aggravate the damage to the window.

Before using the polishing paste, we should read its instruction manual. Spread the paste on the area of the glass that has been scratched. Then, using felt, we start the polishing process. It is also worth polishing the area within 30-40 cm from the scratch to hide where the repair was carried out.

Polishing the glass

Toothpaste and baking soda

Toothpaste available in every home can help with minor scratches. The one with whitening properties will be the best.

Apply the paste on the scratched surface and polish it with a soft cloth. Cover deeper and larger damages with the paste beforehand and leave it overnight.

You can also use baking soda instead of toothpaste. Polishing scratches with it is exactly the same as with toothpaste.

Home remedies can help with minor scratches, but for deeper damage, there is a risk of not being enough.

Scratched glass in the window

Grinding and replacement

In the event of more severe damage, a visit by professionals may be necessary. Glaziers or window service technicians will be able to grind and polish the entire surface of the glass. However, this comes at a cost.

When all methods fail, the only option is to replace the glass. When it comes to windows with classic glazing, a local glass factory can do it. If, on the other hand, the glazing is damaged, it is a more serious task that may require consultation with the manufacturer.

What to do when the double glazing breaks in the window?

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