Tone-sur-tone: A new interior design trend

Nowadays, interior design is becoming more and more diverse, and customers are looking for new and fresh ideas to create unique spaces in their homes. In 2024, a new trend, the so-called “tone-sur-tone”. This is an approach that focuses on color consistency, using different shades of one base color.
  1. What is tone-sur-tone?
  2. How to implement this trend in your home?
  3. Use in various rooms
  4. Use of natural light
  5. Color availability and inspiration

What is tone-sur-tone?

Tone-sur-tone, i.e. tone on tone, is a technique that bases the entire interior design on one base color. This means that all design elements, such as walls, decorations, floors and doors, are selected in such a way that they blend into a harmonious color whole. However, a key element of this trend is the use of different shades and tones, which allows for subtle variations that add depth and character to the room.

How to implement this trend in your home?

Applying tone-sur-tone can be surprisingly simple. If you decide on one base color, such as shades of gray, blue or beige, you can start by painting the walls with this color. Then, the rest of the decor – furniture, carpets, curtains or decorations – can be selected in accordance with this color, but in different tones. The effect is delicate and subtle, but at the same time creates a coherent and pleasant atmosphere.

Use in various rooms

Tone-sur-tone works perfectly in all types of rooms. In the living room you can choose warm shades of the base color, creating a cozy atmosphere, while in the bedroom you can choose more subdued and soothing tones that promote relaxation. In the kitchen and bathroom, it is worth experimenting with light shades to make the rooms seem more spacious.

Use of natural light

An important element in tone-sur-tone interior design is the use of natural light. Large windows allow more light to enter the room, which highlights the variety of shades of the base color. Thanks to this, the interior seems bright and spacious, even if it is based on one dominant color.

Color availability and inspiration

Often, the problem with this type of contact is the low availability of joinery in selected colors. MS more than OKNA meets this challenge by offering a wide range of colors among both aluminum and PVC windows (e.g. FORMA windows), as well as among wooden windows (thanks to the use of Teknos wood paints).

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