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In energy-saving construction, not only good windows and building insulation are important. To effectively take care of the energy balance of your home, you should consider solving the problem of overheating rooms during hot weather and using a properly selected sunshade.

IMPORTANT: All types of covers used inside only protect us against glare . Tthey only minimally slow down the heat exchange between the glass and the room. During hot weather, the window can heat up to +70 degrees Celsius. C

Sun visors

For the sunshade to function properly, it should be installed outside the window. This is where external roller blinds and façade blinds come to our aid. The choice of the appropriate type of cover is largely determined by the style, functionality and installation conditions created during the design and construction of the building.

The sooner we decide to use covers at the stage of building a house, the better we can prepare for their installation. This mainly concerns the use of an appropriate lintel structure that requires insulation. An increasing number of conscious investors use lintels set back from the wall face. Thanks to this, it is possible to use good insulation between the blind or roller shutter box and the lintel, which is usually the least insulated element of the wall (if we do not ensure its proper protection at the right time).

A way to deal with the problem of an uninsulated lintel that has not been recessed is to extend the window beyond the face of the wall during its installation. This will allow you to fill the space between the box and the lintel with an appropriate insulator.

Of course, it sometimes happens that the decision to use external covers is made at a later stage, e.g. after installing the windows or even after the house has been insulated and plastered. The MS more than WINDOWS offer includes many solutions enabling the adaptation of covers to various conditions encountered on construction sites. In such cases, it is best to consult a company representative for advice and optimal system selection.

Surface-mounted roller shutters

The external roller blind is undoubtedly the leader in terms of popularity. However, it has some limitations due to, for example, the surface area of ​​windows, which are becoming larger in modern construction. In the case of roller blinds manufactured by MS More than OKNA, the maximum roller blind area is 8.5 m. sq. In the case of very high windows, you must take into account the fact that the box in which the roller shutter will be hidden may be larger than the thickness of the facade used. This may adversely affect the appearance of the building.

Then a solution in the form of façade blinds comes to our aid. The boxes are narrow (up to 135 mm) so they can be hidden in the insulation layer. The maximum width of the window that can be covered with one plane is up to 4.5 m.

Facade blinds

Blinds have an undoubted advantage – the slats they consist of allow you to change their angle from 0 to even 180 degrees. This allows you to manipulate access to daylight. The slats can reflect light and scatter it on the ceiling, thus illuminating the room. At the same time, they constitute an effective barrier against UV radiation, which is reflected in front of the glass.

By using both types of covers, we are able to reduce the temperature in the room by as much as 10 degrees Celsius at an outside temperature of up to 35 degrees Celsius. C

Importantly, the product mix can be used in buildings. Some windows can be equipped with external blinds, and some with facade blinds. A wide range of colors for both roller blinds and blinds, as well as modern control systems enable the management of blinds from one source (remote control, application on a tablet or smartphone).

To sum up, the roller blind is an excellent choice for rooms such as bedrooms or rooms where we spend little time. It will ensure complete darkening of the room and privacy, lower the temperature and ensure acoustic insulation of the room.

In turn, blinds will be an excellent choice for living areas with large glazing. They will ensure an appropriate microclimate in these rooms and a comfortable temperature. They will also protect against prying eyes of neighbors, while providing access to the view and natural light.

Both solutions will also take care of our wallet by reducing energy demand when using air conditioning and artificial lighting.

Paweł Lange, product manager MS more than WINDOWS

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