What to pay attention to when buying mosquito nets?

The summer season is approaching. And with it – the season for flying insects. In order to protect yourself against them effectively it is worth installing additional mosquito nets at windows. However, to make sure they will work properly you should make the right choice. What to pay attention to when buying them?

Table of contents:

Quality of mosquito net

The first thing we should pay attention to when buying is the quality of the construction of the mosquito net. It is in fact a simple construction – a net made of fiber glass that is designed to keep insects from entering the building. However, there are models on the market with different mesh sizes ranging from less than 1 mm to 1.5 mm.

The best mosquito nets have a mesh size in the range of 1 mm to 1.2 mm. Larger ones will make it possible for small insects to break through the barrier and get inside, while smaller ones will reduce airflow and darken the room excessively.

However, the net itself is not everything. The second very important aspect is the mosquito net frame and the way the net is mounted in it. Ideally, the frame should be made of powder-coated aluminium. This material provides the best resistance to weather conditions such as high or low temperatures, intense wind or heavy rain.

We have already mentioned that the net is usually made of fiber glass. To make it even more durable it is worth paying attention to its additional PVC coating. Pleated mosquito nets are also available on the market.

Adaptation of the mosquito net to the window

Mosquito nets need to be properly chosen according to the type and size of the windows and the colours of the joinery. The most popular type are frame mosquito nets, which fit tightly to the window frame. They work best in windows that are opened only to ventilate the room. For terrace door, it is better to choose a dedicated balcony or sliding mosquito net.

The mosquito net is selected to match the size of the frame. Producers often offer dedicated mosquito net models for a particular type of window. You should pay attention to whether your windows are flush, half-flush or non-flush and choose the right model of mosquito net.

In order to make the mosquito net match the window perfectly, you should also pay attention to the colour of the frame, so that it does not stand out visually and does not disturb the aesthetics of the building. The available range of colours allows to achieve an almost imperceptible difference in colour between the window frame and the mosquito net frame.

The colour of the mesh is also important. Black offers great transparency from inside the building to the outside, while grey better limits the visibility of the interior of the room from outside the building.

Mounting method

Finally, it is necessary to consider how to install the mosquito net. A standard solution are fastening plates which secure the mosquito net non-invasively and ensure its stability. They are mounted to the window frame.

Another type of mounting, spring holders, is also becoming more common. They automatically adapt to the frame thickness and do not damage the gasket. It is also a less visible solution than fastening plates.

If you purchase roller shutters, it is also possible to additionally install mosquito nets in the box.


There are many types of mosquito nets available on the market, offering various mounting options and colours. However, it is best to order the matching mosquito nets from the window or roller shutter manufacturer. This ensures that they fit perfectly and guarantee a high quality of construction.

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