Mosquito nets

Comfort and optimal protection against insects.

Balcony mosquito net.

Mosquito nets are designed to protect the interior of the house from both flying insects and debris. Their presence does not negatively affect the appearance of window joinery. Importantly, the covers available in the MS offer more than WINDOWS can be customized for all types of windows.

Construction and colors of window mosquito nets

The window mosquito net is made of PVC-coated glass fiber with a dense weave. It is resistant to temperature, rain and UV radiation. Thanks to this, it is distinguished by its long-term durability. MS covers are more than WINDOWS in wood-like veneers, as well as in all RAL colours (black or grey mesh). They are adapted to the individual dimensions of the joinery. The availability of several variants allows you to adapt the right solution to each type of window. The use of mosquito nets does not in any way limit the operation of external blinds or façade blinds.

Mosquito nets – types

The range of MS more than WINDOWS includes the following types of window screens:

Frame mosquito net

The basic element of a frame mosquito net is an extruded aluminum profile with thick walls. It provides the cover with proper rigidity and durability. Connecting profiles involves the use of an additional inner aluminum corner and crimping. Such a solution not only guarantees very good stability, but also proper adhesion of the mosquito net to the window frame.

Frame mosquito net.

Rotating, non-invasive handles are used to mount the mosquito net on the frame. Thanks to them, the fastening is very simple and fast. In addition, they avoid interference with the structure of the frame – gluing or drilling holes. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of seamless dismantling of the cover for the winter period and, consequently, to keep it in good condition for many seasons.

Frame mosquito net handle.

Balcony (door) mosquito net

This type of cover is used primarily for balcony doors. With the help of hinges, the wing of the mosquito net is attached to the frame, frame or façade. The boundary seal and magnets (magnetic tape optional) keep the mosquito net tightly closed. In order to improve the comfort of use, you can choose to use hinges with a self-propeller.

Balcony mosquito net - hinge.

Additional equipment in the form of a brush seal, located at the bottom of the wing, provides effective protection against creeping insects.

Mosquito net for the balcony door - brush seal.

The lower part of the wing can be equipped with an additional aluminum panel. It protects the net of the mosquito net from damage to its leg.

Aluminum panel securing the mosquito net.

The frame of the balcony mosquito net is made of reinforced profiles made of extruded aluminum. This allows for proper rigidity and stability even for large-sized guards. The frame is characterized by resistance to bending and weather conditions.

The frame of the balcony (door) mosquito net.

Sliding mosquito net

The sliding mosquito net is used to protect large entrance , balcony, lift and slide (HST) or tilt and slide (PSK) doors. Its wings move in rails. This solution enables any setting of the cover.

Rails of the sliding mosquito net.

The sliding mosquito net does not take up additional space when opening. Importantly, moving the frame with the grid does not require much effort. Such guards come in two variants – one- or two-wing. The elements responsible for moving the mosquito net wing (tracks and slides) are characterized by resistance to water, dust and sand, as well as other contaminants.

Profiles are made of extruded aluminium. For their joining, special reinforcing corners are used. They provide the structure with adequate rigidity and long-term durability.

Sliding mosquito net profile.

The wings of the sliding mosquito net can be easily dismantled for the winter period.

Pleated mosquito net

Pleated mosquito nets are mainly used to protect large glazing, especially lift and slide doors (HST). They are designed to save space.

Pleated mosquito net.

A characteristic feature of the cover is the pleated mesh. When closing the mosquito net, it is laid out in an accordion and then reared in a side aluminum profile. It is stabilized by horizontal guide strings, with voltage regulation. They ensure precise laying of the pleat during closing and opening of the mosquito net.

Mosquito net for Patio HST - lift and slide doors.

The system is distinguished by smooth operation – moving the cover does not require much effort. The guidance is provided by a unique crawler system. It moves stably on a small plastic strip, glued to the threshold. The advantage of this solution is undoubtedly a very low threshold. Not only does it not hinder free passage, but it also does not accumulate dirt, which makes it easy to keep it clean.

The pleated mosquito net is installed using small latching brackets, which are mounted in the frame cavnating of the lift and sliding door. This solution makes the mosquito net non-contact with the system of external blinds and façade blinds. In addition, it allows quick and simple dismantling of the mosquito net in winter.

Snap-on handle for pleated mosquito net.

Mosquito nets pleated in the MS assortment more than WINDOWS come in two variants – one- and two-wing.

A well-thought-out design and properly selected components ensure trouble-free and comfortable use of window screens for many seasons.

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