Wood window forge

Hardware for wooden and wood-aluminum windows is one of the most important elements used in joinery. They allow the sashes to be tilted, opened and closed. Siegenia TITAN AF fittings are used in the production of MS Windows and Doors. They provide the structures with functionality as well as an attractive appearance.

Wood window ing – aesthetics

Siegenia TITAN AF components are located in windows from all product lines available in the MS Window and Door range. Thanks to these elements, the joinery is not only comfortable to use, but also looks good. The appearance of the structure is m.in. hinges. These are the equipment for wooden and wooden-aluminium windows, which are available in several versions.

Visible hinge side

With hinges, you can open, open, and close the window. These elements also affect the parameters of the joinery – rigidity and tightness. Standard hinges do not protrude beyond the edges of the wing, as can be seen in the pictures below.

Upper hinge for wooden windows.
Lower hinge for wooden windows.

The load capacity of the hinges from the Siegenia TITAN AF system is 130 kg. The standard colour gamut includes the following casing variants: white, silver (F1), titanium (F9), brown, black, as well as old gold (F4).

Hinge casings used in wooden windows.

Hinges for heavy wings – TITAN heavy duty

The TITAN heavy duty hinge side combines three important aspects: high load carrying capacity, high level of safety, and attractive appearance.

Features of TITAN heavy duty hinges:

  • the workmanship material is an innovative combination of steel and die casting, which guarantees exceptional wear resistance;
  • the presence of a mechanism to slow down the closing/opening of the sash, which positively affects the safety and comfort of use of the structure;
  • bearings ensuring the lightness of the operation of wings of very high weight;
  • increased wing pressure, which makes it possible to eliminate thermal bridges;
  • the permissible weight of the RU wings is 200 kg;
  • the permissible weight of the R wings is 300 kg.
TITAN heavy duty top hinge.
Titan heavy duty bottom hinge.

Hidden eyege

Available technological solutions include the possibility of using hidden hinges with a load capacity of 150 kg. The use of these components increases the aesthetic value of the joinery, as well as avoids the problem of adjusting the color of the casings to the finish of the window and the handle. Importantly, hidden hinges make it easy to keep the structure clean. Removing any impurities from traditional hinges requires more time.

Hidden hardware for wooden windows, improving the aesthetics of the structure.

The elements of the eye are hidden in the space between the wing and the frame of the structure. This way, you won’t see them when you close the window. It is worth emphasing that these elements favorably affect the tightness of the joinery. In addition, they increase the insemiation resistance of the structure, as well as improve protection against external noise.

Hidden fittings for wooden windows located in the space between the sash and the frame.

These components can be used in all windows and balcony doors. They allow you to make a 3-wing window with two moving posts. Thanks to this, the design is fully symmetrical, and each glass has the same surface.

Hidden wood window ducts improve the visual side of the woodwork.

DSG se canopy

Using movable posts instead of fixed bars increases the ratio of the glass surface to the window surface when the structure is closed. In addition, due to the absence of a fixed post, a larger width is obtained in the light of the frame (visible when the window is opened). The opening of the structure with a movable post is convenient thanks to the special lever, which is equipped with DSG locks. The latchs integrated into the latch have a special lock. If an attempt is made to break in, it prevents the hitch rollers from moving.

Movable post gate gate used as part of wood window ducts.

In addition to the standard lock lever, an option with an extended handle is also available. This elegant and functional solution provides light support for large-sized wings. Due to the large number of hooks, it guarantees a high degree of anti-burglary of the structure.

Movable post headboard with extended handle.

Central handle

The way to achieve a harmonious appearance of the joinery is to use a central handle. This element is mounted in the axis of symmetry of the movable post, between the active and passive wing. It is a solution dedicated to customers who value regularity and symmetry. The use of the central handle guarantees the optical arrangement of the handle in the axis of symmetry of the window.

Central door handle in wooden windows.

User safety and user experience

Wood and wooden-aluminium window equipment has a huge impact not only on the appearance of the joinery, but above all on the comfort of operation and user safety. The functionality of the structure is m.in. as well as a corner with a roller sash lift.

Lock of incorrect handle handling

This element is standard in every wing if there are no technological contraindications. With it, the handle can be twisted only if the wing is in the frame. In the case of an open or tilted window, it is not possible to rotate the handle. This solution is designed to protect the user from crushing caused by accidental wing discharge.

Lock of incorrect handling of the door handle for wooden windows.

Roller wing lift (Inliner)

Component integrated into the lower corner. It allows the wing to be seamlessly ented into the frame throughout the life of the structure. Thanks to the position at the bottom of the wing, the lift even functions in the tilt position. Importantly, this element can be used in trapezoidal and arched windows, as well as in active and passive wings (in the case of double-leaf windows).

Hook cooperating with the corner.

Closing aid and latch protection

The standard siegenia TITAN AF system is distinguished m.in. a wide range of support for the closure of the wing. Due to this, closing wings of very wide width does not require much effort. An important plus of the element is also the integrated protection, thanks to which the tilted wing does not latch as a result of the draught.

Optional comfort valve for heavy wings

For large-mass swing wings, it is worth choosing to use a special valve. It improves the user experience of the window. Causes less force to be used to effectively close the tilted wing. In addition, it provides a stable position with both open and tilted wings.

Comfort valve used for high-weight wooden wings.

Optional balcony latch

A protective element for balcony doors in the event of violent wind gusts. It maintains the closed position of the structure. Thanks to it, the user can go out to the balcony and not worry about the door. The animation explains how the component works.

Balcony latch for wooden windows.

Wing brake

The piece of the device that is controlled by means of a handle. It determines the position of the open wing and protects it from unwanted closing or opening. The exact possibility of its application depends on the window profile used – it is mounted in window wings in case the size of the sash is a minimum of 810 mm (indicative value, depending on the window profile).

The sash brake is controlled by the handle.

TBT (Tilt Before Turn) – tilted before opening

A solution that allows the window to be tilted before opening it. Titan AF TBT wooden window headgevy in combination with a special handle (e.g. Hoppe) allows the wing to be freely set aside (airing the room). It is not possible to open the window until you unlock the key. This solution works m.in. where the children are staying. With TBT, the window cannot be opened without the knowledge and consent of the maintainer.

The TBT system is used in private homes and apartments, as well as in public buildings. In the case of such facilities (e.g. schools or hospitals), it is important not only to protect against burglars, but also to prevent unauthorized persons or children from opening the window.

How the TBT handle operates.

Hoppe window handles with TBT function come in two versions – TBT1 and Secu TBT®.

Hoppe window handle with TBT.

Characteristics of tbt1 handles:

  • have a leak between the closed position and the tilted wing;
  • allow the interior to be vented without the need to unlock the closing cylinder;
  • to turn the handle from the tilting position to the open position (from 90° to 180°), it is necessary to unlock the cylinder.

Characteristics of SecuTBT handles®:

  • improving traditional TBT technology;
  • guarantees even greater safety – the handle can be locked in a closed position using a wrench (in this way, the joinery gains additional protection against burglary);
  • window to be lifted requires unlocking the handle with a key;
  • the handle twisted to the tilt position remains automatically locked here – no key needs to be used;
  • turning the handle from the tilting position to the closed position does not require unlocking with a key;
  • protection of the structure against changing the position of the handle to an open position consists in the need to simultaneously twist the handle and the wrench.

Ventilation options

One of the important functions of woodwork is the ability to ventiliat rooms. Siegenia TITAN AF wooden window fittings make ms windows and doors allow air to be let in a way that is tailored to the user’s needs.

Microventilation (corner leak)

A practical, uncomplicated mechanism that allows for a slight leak. They are achieved by turning the handle 45° up from the “open” position.

Microventilation - leak in the corner.

Summer-winter night vent

A component that allows you to change the degree of wing lift. Thanks to it, the amount of air entering the room through the windows can be adapted to the weather. The ingenious design of the element allows you to adjust the degree of tilt to the season without the use of any tools.

Multi-stage tilt

This solution consists in the use of a special hitch, which works with the upper corner adapted to it. Thanks to these elements, the degree of ventilation can be adjusted according to the current needs of the user.

Multi-stage tilt used in wooden windows.

Aeromat MINI

The Aeromat MINI is an external air intake diffuser that is mounted at the top of the window.

Aeromat MINI diffuser.
How the Aeromat MINI operates.

Ventilation is the alignment of the pressure difference between the outside air and the air filling the interior. The air supply can be adjusted in two ways: manually or using an optional rotary lock. As a rule, air flows from the outside inwards.

Operation of the Aeromat MINI diffuser.
Aeromat MINI aerating is mounted.

Importantly, in the case of high-pressure wind, the self-regulating airflow limiter reduces too much airflow into the interior and reduces drafts.

Operation of the air flow limiter.

Security and access control

Among the most important aspects affected by the equipment for wooden and wooden-aluminum windows is the protection of the structure against burglary.

Anti-burglary security packages

Modern joinery not only protects the interior from heat loss and provides the right amount of light, but also affects the protection of the room from burglary. Security packages whose burglary resistance class is referred to as RC1 or RC2 are responsible for intrusion protection.

Construction of the RC1 package.
Construction of the RC2 package.

KoPiBo anti-burglary rigs

Components found at every point of locking of Siegenia TITAN AF boundary docks. They precisely adapt to the hooks they work with. They are characterized by durability and automatic height adjustment ensuring smooth cooperation with the elements mounted on the frame. Close cooperation takes place even when the dimensions of the window undergo delicate changes due to the increase in temperature.

KoPiBo movable rotary anti-burglary bolt.

Burglar hitch

Reinforced burglary hooks are screwed to the frame of the structure. They cooperate with the above-presented KoPiBo bolts.

Burglary hitch - one of the elements found in the wood window equipment.

TITAN vent secure

A solution that requires the use of appropriate hooks. Thanks to it, you can achieve a small tilt (10 mm) while maintaining the inseployment resistance of the structure (RC1 or RC2 class). An important aspect is the possibility of airing the interior even during heavy rainfall or when none of the tenants are in the house. The operation of TITAN vent secure presents a video.

Window opening lock (“usable lock”)

A component that provides protection against unauthorized opening, as well as greater safety. Once mounted and locked with the key, it only allows the window to be lifted. Very often this solution is used in children’s rooms, schools, offices, as well as in public places. Available in white, brown and silver. The item also appears in the hidden version.

White window opening lock.
Brown window opening lock.
Silver window opening lock.

Patent insole cranes

Increasing the safety of balcony doors can be realized with the help of sliding shutters with PZ, i.e. patent insert. In order to make this technologically possible, it is necessary to expand the wing arm.

A coi-leader with a patent insert.

Aerocontrol – kontaktron

Reeds are an addition to the mechanical protection of windows as well as balcony doors. It provides electronic protection of the structure against burglary. This element acts as a signal transmitter within the anti-burglary alarm system. It comes in different versions. For example, it can perform additional tasks, such as controlling air conditioning and heating while airing the room.

Reed switch - electronic protection of wooden windows.

Aerocontrol is a magnetic switch that is used in conjunction with a magnet. The magnetic field keeps the contacts in the contactron in the closed or open position. The contact type depends on the switch version used. The replacement of the position of the magnetic field (resulting from the physical displacement of the magnet) contributes to the change of contact in the reed. Four- or six-wire cables (depending on the version) are responsible for connecting the switch to the receiver.

Operation of the reed.
How the reed operates.

An example of reeds is shown in the graphic below.

Examples of reeds.

Wood window equipment and security packages

Wood and wooden-aluminium window equipment can significantly increase the safety of the structure and, consequently, protect the interior from the burglar entering it. Special safety packages, the burglary resistance class of which is delimed by the symbol RC1 or RC2, may be used in ms windows and doors.

Construction of the RC1 package

Wooden windows from the MS Range Windows and Doors can be equipped with an optional, extended safety package RC1. It includes the following:

  1. Four anti-balance hooks – they work with hardened mushroom bolts, which are located in the components that form the boundary wing. Two hooks are attached to the lower part of the frame. In this way (when choosing RC1 class) all swing-and-fork wings (UR) and wings in movable posts are protected.
  2. Handle with rotation lock, additionally secured with a key – this element does not allow you to open the window by trying to forcely move the bolt captured from the outside. It also prevents the door handle from entering by rotating or breaking the handle by reaching it after cutting the hole in the shaft.
  3. Anti-drilling plate – a component attached to the cassette of the super. It is seedued by the handle stem from the outside. In this way, it protects the room from intrusion with a small tool that would expose the nut of the couliter and then open the window.
Secustik mechanism in hoppe window handle.

RC1 package – when is it worth it?

The RC1 package will work well if the location of the joinery favours a potential burglar. According to standard PN-EN 1627, this person is referred to as a random person attempting to invade at an unspecified time. During its activities, it uses uncomplicated tools and physical strength. Importantly, he doesn’t know how to secure the window or know what might be in the room. In this situation, the RC1 package elements perform the following functions:

  1. Anti-balance hooks – make it difficult to push the wing by kicking or attacking the body;
  2. Handle with Secustik mechanism and additional protection in the form of a key – does not allow for force unflying of the eyes;
  3. Anti-drilling plate – protects the lock mechanism when trying to shield it, m.in. using a drill.

Construction of the RC2 package

The second solution, available in the OFFER MS Windows and Doors, is the RC2 security package. It is formed by the following elements:

  1. Anti-balance hooks – work with hardened mushroom bolts, located in the components of the wing.commencement. In this way (to the degree of safety of RC2) all swing-and-fork wings (UR) and wings in movable posts are protected.
  2. Approved, secure key handle – resistant to 100 Nm force torque. The mechanism used in it does not allow the window to be opened by force shifting of the bolt, captured from the outside (using the tools specified for class RC2).
  3. Anti-drilling plate – a component located on the casing of the coily. Its task is to shed the handle stem from the outside. Due to the fact that it does not allow the nut to be opened by the door and the window is opened, it protects the room from potential burglaries.
  4. Optionally , a P4A class shaftinsert, the outer part of which is laminated glass. It consists of two panes of glass and four layers of PVB film.
  5. Optional – glazing insert pasted on glue. This is an additional protection against the push of the glass, which stiffenes the design of the window.

The arrangement of the anti-balance hooks (in red) is shown in the graphic below.

Arrangement of burglary hooks in RC1 and RC2 package.

RC2 package – when is it worth it?

The RC2 package is worth choosing in a situation where the location of the window structure can favor a potential burglar when getting inside with certain tools. Buildings located at a long distance from other homes are more likely to be invaded. Conditions facilitating the offender’s actions also include the location of the joinery on the ground floor, on the side of the garden surrounded by a high fence. There is also a higher risk of burglary for windows covered by outbuildings or vegetation. The burglar’s description is similar for both burglary resistance classes shown. This person is random and does not know the methods of securing the structure or what is inside. The difference between RC1 and RC2 is that in RC2, the definition of intrusion offender takes into account the use of tools (e.g. screwdriver) in no more than 3 minutes.

Main differences between security packages

The definition of burglar in RC2 class includes the use of tools. This person may therefore place a greater burden on the joinery components. As a reason, rc2 uses a larger number of anti-balance hooks that make it difficult to balance the wing. Closed reinforcement, on the other hand, is responsible for the stable fixing of the elements that anchor the frame to the frame. Unlike the RC1 package, the handle in rc2 is resistant to a force torque of 100 Nm. In addition, the RC2 package optionally includes a p4A pasted glazing insert. The tools used when attempting to invade a building can exert more force on the glass than when using only physical force. Using a flat tool on a small surface creates stresses and chnases the glass. The burglar may attempt to enter the room through the outer wing seal to the edge of the shaft insert using a screwdriver. Such a tool allows you to gradually chrysch off the glass and reach the soaring slats. As a result, it is possible to push the shaft package out of the wing.

Characteristics of the P4A shaft insert

To prevent the cartridge from being pushed out of the wing, pasted P4Aglazing packages can optionally be used in a wooded carpenpit equipped with rc2 package. The outer pane of such a cartridge is laminated glass. It is formed by two panes of glass – each of them is 4 mm thick. Between them there are four layers of PVB foil with a total thickness of 1.52 mm. Such a package makes it significantly difficult to make a hole that would make it easier for a potential burglar to get inside. The use of special adhesives between the insert and the wing is a blockage against the push out of the glazing.

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