Reed switches – is it worth installing them?

Appearance and functionality are not the only aspects that need to be considered when choosing window joinery. Safety is at least equally important. And this can be significantly increased by installing a small additional element – the reed switch.

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What are reed switches?

Reed switches are small, simple but extremely effective and efficient additions to a home security system. These are window- or door-mounted magnetic sensors installed between the sash and the frame. They are made up of just two components: a magnet and a tube with two contacts embedded in it. Unwanted opening or tilting of the window causes the electromagnetic circuit to be interrupted. At that moment, the reed switch will send a signal to activate the alarm system in the building.

Reed switches for windows

Why is it worth installing reed switches?

Reed switches for windows are usually offered as an option for a small additional charge. However, safety is not worth saving on, because a small one-off expense can protect us from significant losses in the future.

Despite their small size and simple design, reed switches significantly improve security and are an essential part of a home security system. They are installed in a way that is completely invisible as well as undetectable to a potential burglar.

The undoubted advantage of reed switches is that they protect against burglary before it even happens. Thanks to their construction, they can trigger the alarm system before an intruder even gets inside. It is enough if a window or door is opened and the interruption of the electromagnetic circuit of the reed switch activates the alarm system.

So, if you are concerned about security, reed switches – along with other modern window equipment such as hardware with security packages and anti-burglary glazed units – are accessories that cannot be ignored.

Window reed switches

Reed switches in MS windows

We recently started using a new type of reed switch in MS beyond WINDOWS products – the MC740 model from Alarmtech. In this model, both the reed switch and the magnet have been enclosed in an aesthetically pleasing flat casing and this allowed for a change in the way of mounting them. Since then, window reed switches with magnets are glued to the surface of the profiles and the existing screw holes can be used for service replacement.

The magnetic reed switches are available in three colours: white, brown and black so they can match the colour of the selected window profile.

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