Wooden joinery from Słupsk in America

Wooden joinery produced by MS Windows and Doors from Słupsk go to exclusive properties in the United States. Wooden constructions have even been appreciated by the trade magazine Architectural Digest. All thanks to cooperation with Worldwide Windows and Doors, in which Krzysztof Medyna, an entrepreneur operating on the American market, is responsible for the technical department

Property with wooden windows appreciated

Cooperation with Krzysztof Medyna in the field of wooden joinery has been going on for more than 20 years. The first windows for homes in the United States were produced around 2000. It was a period when MS Windows and Doors was just starting production, but nevertheless undertook demanding orders from overseas. One such order was the production of windows for a luxury property in Greenwich, Connecticut. In 2003, as a result of the cooperation of Krzysztof Medyna and MS Windows and Doors, an elegant wooden joinery was installed in the villa at Field Point Circle. Three years later, the project was awarded by the popular trade magazine Architectural Digest. On the cover appeared a photo taken in one of the rooms of the villa, from which through wooden windows you can see boats floating on the Long Island strait. In the middle of the magazine’s edition, a comprehensive article on stylish mansion was published. The whole project assumed the installation of wooden windows made of meranti wood, which is resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. The windows are glazed with triple glazing, and the inner pane is decorated with a lead tape glued on. As a result, it can be compared to stick-on bars on glazed units. The property has, among other things, a twelve-meter wooden HS lift and slide door that opens to the sides. The entire contruction has been divided into four equal parts, and the panes are decorated with a net of lead tapes. The masterpiece of design was to make the lines of the lead tapes flush with each other and create a harmonious arrangement after the central sashes were fully extended. Due to the fact that the property is located close to the water, the windows are equipped with hidden hinges with a special E-look coating, which is characterized by high resistance to the concentration of salts in the air.

Krzysztof Medyna.
Krzysztof Medyna at Worldwide Windows and Doors is responsible for the technical department. He has been cooperating with MS Windows and Doors for over 20 years. In his spare time he is passionate about jazz.
Villa with wooden windows made of meranti wood.
Luxury property on Field Point Circle in Greenwich, where wooden joinery is installed.

Meadowcroft Lane Residence, Greenwich

MS Windows and Doors can also boast of other projects of wooden joinery, which was produced for exclusive properties in the USA. The Meadowcroft Lane Residence from 2010 certainly deserves to be recognised. The investment involved the installation of 110 meranti wood windows, 23 FD doors, aluminium frame mosquito nets, and wooden door mosquito nets. The architectural concept of the residence was the responsibility of a team of designers from Wadia Associates.

Residence with meranti wooden windows.
Meadowcroft Lane Residence, Greenwich.

Lattington Residence in New York

Another project worth mentioning is the Lattington Residence in New York City. This is a property designed by Kaehler/Moore Architects. The building has 57 windows (including Casement windows, i.e. windows opening outwards), 6 corner windows, as well as FD doors (opening inwards and outwards), lift and slide doors in the C and A scheme, and aluminium frame mosquito nets and wooden sliding mosquito nets. Dark red meranti wood was used for the production of windows and doors. More photos of luxury villas and mansions with wooden joinery are presented in the gallery. We invite you to see them.

A building with wooden windows, lift and slide doors and corner windows.
Villa Lattington Residence in New York.
Lake Avenue property near Greenwich with MS Windows and Doors wooden joinery. The villa was designed by Dinyar Wadia (Wadia Associates). When designing, the architect places emphasis on attention to detail, exceptional workmanship and the use of high-quality materials.

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