Patio HST 92

Wooden lift and slide doors.

Cross-section of wooden lift and slide doors from the MS Windows and Doors offer.

Large structures open the interior to the outside world and let a large amount of natural light into the room. Such solutions include the wooden lift and sliding doors Patio HST 92. The use of Siegenia’s equipment mechanisms guarantees proper and comfortable use.

Patio HST 92 – product lines available

Lift and slide doors from the MS Windows and Doors offer are available in five product lines: Soft, Classic, Modern, Art and Old. The individual options differ in the finish of the wing grip, as well as the soaring strip. Thanks to this, you can easily find a solution tailored to your preferred interior design and architectural style.

Variants of the glazing rebate and glazing beads for wooden lift and slide doors.

Wooden Patio HST – wing thickness

Patio HST 92 wings are based on 92 mm thick profiles. However, this is not the only option from the MS Windows and Doors offer. The range also includes designs created using 68 mm and 80 mm thick wing profiles. Each of these options comes in five product line variants (Soft, Classic, Modern, Art and Old). The differences between the different profile thicknesses are shown in the graphic below (for example, the Modern line).

Wooden Patio HST door leaf thicknesses.

Opening schemes

Wooden Patio HST can be made in many opening schemes. The different options differ in number, as well as the location of fixed and moving accommodation. The available variants can be found below.

Diagrams for opening wooden lift and slide doors.

Types of wood and colours

Patio HST from the offer MS Windows and Doors can be made in numerous combinations, depending on the selected type and color of wood. The available types of raw material differ not only in their external appearance, but also in their properties. Extensive colour palettes allow you to tailor the product to your preferences as well as your interior design.

Okucia do Patio HST

The convenience of using large glazing is primarily due to the used coding mechanisms. MS Windows and Doors products are equipped with Siegenia-branded headgewns. Portal HS system is distinguished by innovative solutions, with support, which ensure smooth operation of the wings and, consequently, high comfort of use of wooden lifting and sliding doors.

Patio HST 92.

Heat loss protection guarantee

The ECO PASS threshold is one of the components responsible for the functionality of Patio HST 92, Patio HST 80 and Patio HST 68. What makes it stand out?

  • The only protruding element is the 5 mm running rail.
ECO PASS threshold used in wooden lift and slide doors.
  • Inside the threshold there are 10 chambers. This guarantees optimal thermal insulation, which means that the room is protected against heat loss.
Chambers in the aluminium threshold used in Patio HST.
  • The possibility of using a supplementary profile in combination with a 5 mm running rail allows for a barrier-free passage (compatible with DIN 18040-2).
Passage without barriers.

Seamlessly move the structure

The lift and sliding doors reach impressive dimensions, which directly translates into their large weight – it can be up to 400 kg. Therefore, it is necessary to use appropriate elements that will provide users with the possibility of convenient operation. Such solutions include adjustable carriages, whichwork with the running rail. They optimize the movement of the wing as well as facilitate possible servicing. The rear part of the active wing can be gently lifted (about 3 mm) to correct minor inaccuracies associated with the placement of the wing in the frame.

An adjustable trolley used in wooden lift and slide doors.

Sealing rails – protection against heat loss

The good thermal insulation of the wooden Patio HST is due to sealing rail. It guarantees effective protection against burglary, wind and precipitation. It is worth noting that adding several elements to the rails provides protection against burglary in RC2 class. The advantage of these components is also the possibility of simple adjustment of the wing due to the presence of adjustable hook presses. They make it difficult to balance the wing.

Sealing rail in Patio HST 92.

The rails used in Patio HST 92 provide horizontal and vertical insulation.

Gentle closing of stately structures

Wooden lift and sliding doors from the MS offer Windows and Doors are equipped as standard with soft closing function – SOFT CLOSE. For this purpose, a special element is attached to the wing. Part of it is the bumper, which – when closing the sash – hits the hitch located on the guide and attaches to it. This causes the gas spring present in siegenia to expand and thus the sash to be braked and gently erred into the frame. The use of SOFT CLOSE allows for comfortable operation of heavy wings of large patio HST doors. In addition, it has a positive impact on user safety.

The SOFT CLOSE mechanism used in wooden lift and slide doors.

The mechanism explains the following video.

Handles for wooden lifting and sliding doors

The appearance of the structure is influenced not only by profiles, but also by the accessories, as well as the handles. They allow you to open, close and lock the active Patio HST wing. One of the options available is handles with a one-sided insert. In the offer of MS Windows and Doors they come in several color versions.

Handles for Patio HST 92.

Patio Gallery HST 92

The construction of the lift and sliding doors, made of pine wood (4-layer adhesive), is illustrated by the following graphics. They represent a design from the Modern product line, made of profiles 92 mm thick. Colors of joinery:

  • from the inside – Graphite (Sikkens palette),
  • from the outside – Anthracite Metalik (Sikkens palette, equivalent to RAL 7016 Metallic).

In the following doors there is a glass insert with a heat transfer coefficient of 0.5 W/m2K – glass SUPERtermo 0,5. Like all glazing packages produced at the MS Insulated Glass Manufacturing Plant, it is made of glass panes without sharp edges– ground .

The following visualizations apply to the following opening schemes: A, A(s), C, C(s), G2, G2(s), G3, and G3(s).

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