A handle or a handrail – what to choose?

The entrance door to the building is a regularly crossed line between the hustle and bustle of the outside world and the warmth of your home. Hence, their proper selection is so important. After deciding which door to install in our house, the only thing left to do is to answer the question: how do we want to open it? We can choose standard handles, but handrails are also gaining popularity.

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Which doors are the handles suitable for?

Handles are the most standard and popular solution. They are used primarily in classic buildings. They are suitable for houses in a country, Mediterranean and English style. In addition, the handles are best for lighter doors made of wood or glass fiber. They perfectly emphasize the character of traditional doors in a rustic style. A properly selected handle style also enriches the range of door decorations. Brass and gold-plated handles give them class and traditional elegance.

Which doors are the handrails suitable for?

Handrails are a much more modernist solution and are only gaining popularity in housing construction. Previously, they were associated primarily with public buildings: offices, galleries, museums and office buildings. Today, however, they can be found more and more often in modern single-family houses. They fit perfectly into buildings with a futuristic, minimalistic character, arranged in a Scandinavian or industrial style. Handles are recommended especially in heavier structures with a larger sash area. They are perfect for doors made of PVC, aluminium or steel. Handles come in many forms. There are long and short, rounded and angular, straight, wavy and curved solutions. This allows you to adjust the handrail to the door and the general aesthetics of the building.

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Door with a short handrail

Features of the handles

Handles are a universal solution, suitable for the vast majority of doors. Unlike handrails, they are associated with a lock. This means that by pressing on the handle, we release the bolt and open the door. This solution is useful in a situation where the door slams behind us and we don’t have the keys with us. This will avoid any hassle getting home. On the other hand, such a solution increases the risk, because if you leave the house and do not lock the door, you risk burglary.

Features of the handrails

Handrails offer much more modern technological solutions than handles. However, they are less universal than handles and do not fit all types of doors and architectural styles. The handrails are self-closing, which means that you just need to pull them when leaving the house, and the door will be closed without the need to use a key. This improves security, but is also a risk, because in the event of an unplanned latch, there may be a problem with getting home if you do not have the key with you. That is why electric strikes are more and more often installed in the doors. Their task is to only partially lock the doors and allow them to be open by push. Fingerprint readers are also gaining popularity. They definitely increase the comfort, as they almost completely eliminate the need to carry the keys to the house with you.

Classic door with a handle

Handles or handrails – what to choose?

When choosing between handles and handrails, we should pay attention to the type of door and the material from which they are made, as well as the general style of the building. These are the two basic criteria that the buyer should follow. In this way, we can easily match the appropriate mechanism to our door. Increasingly, you can also find a combination of both solutions, where the handrail is on the outside of the door, and the handle is on the inside of the house. Technological solutions should also be taken into account. If, for example, we want a fingerprint reader, then a handrail will be the natural choice. In a situation where classic elegance is preferred, a handle will be a better solution.

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