Motors for roller shutters

Trends in modern architecture make windows and their covers large. Due to this manual operation of the roller shutters is impractical and sometimes even impossible to realize. Modern motors for roller shutters – Nice, Somfy and Mobilus – allow for comfortable use of window covers.

Roller shutter motors in MS beyond WINDOWS offer

More Solutions products are equipped with both traditional and high-tech electric motors of proven brands. MS beyond WINDOWS offer includes, inter alia, the following motors for roller shutters:

Roller shutter motors with mechanical limit switches

In the group of motors for MS roller shutters there are e.g. Nice TTGO and Simu Job. These are traditional motors with mechanical limit switches that stop when the roller shutter reaches the position limiters. For these devices, the Mobilus C-MR receiver can be used, which allows radio control of the roller shutter.

Overload motors

Another type of motors available in MS beyond WINDOWS are overload ones from Somfy – Simu and Ilmo 2 WT, which have limit switches set electronically. Both of them turn off when excessive resistance occurs, e.g. when the shutter armor freezes to the ground. It is worth noting that the Ilmo 2 WT motor has the function of loosening the armor in the extreme positions.

Roller shutter motor.

Radio overload motors

Devices enabling the creation of a smart home are Somfy overload radio motors: OXIMO RTS, OXIMO IO and RS100 IO. Each of these drives has limit switches set using the remote control. OXIMO IO and RS100 IO roller shutter motors are devices with two-way radio communication. Importantly, the RS100 can operate in two modes – standard and discrete. The option to reduce the speed to 8 rpm makes the motor much less noisy. This option will work e.g. when the user of the roller shutter does not want to wake up any of the household members. The RS100 releases before the cover reaches the upper or lower position. In this way, it prevents damage to the roller shutter.

Overload motor with obstacle detection

The offer of MS beyond WINDOWS also includes a radio motor for roller shutters Mobilus SENSO ERS. It is a device that, in addition to overload detection, has the function of detecting obstacles. Its operation can be seen when closing the cover. If the roller shutter encounters an unwanted element in its path, it will start to go up and then make a test move down. If the obstacle is removed in the meantime, the cover reaches its lower position. Otherwise, it will start to go up again.

Motors with a crank mechanism

In some places, it is necessary to be able to control the roller shutter in an emergency when the device has no access to electricity. In such cases, motors with NHK crank mechanism (Somfy and radio Somfy) shall be used. They allow you to manually change the position of the outer cover.

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